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Author: vinnahoysinsauce
Created: April 25, 2010
Taken: 156 times
Rated: G

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Are We Alike? (:

Created by vinnahoysinsauce and taken 156 times on Bzoink
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Input True or False for me please (: Add comments if you wish~
Your name starts with a D
Your last name starts with a H
You were born in the 1990's
You're in advanced/highly capable classes
You have mostly A's
You're of Asian descent
You love texting
You love talking to guys ;D
You always run out of paper
You always ask for a piece of gum
You have more than 2 best friends
You like to wear high heels
You own a Mountain Harware
You like to dance
You wanted to be a surgeon once
You love to eat
You're underweight
You're short
You have a round face
You have nice handwriting
You can draw anime
You have fast metabolism
You love twinkies <3
You have a childish voice
You watch Asian dramas
Your parents are still together
You have a brother and a sister
You're a girl
You like taking pictures
You have crooked teeth :(
You frequently have nose bleeds
You hate people who snitch
You hate people who think they're right when they're not
You like romantic comedy movies
You like Disney and Pixar movies
You like Asian music
You can do a FOB accent
You watch game shows
You live in a two-story house
You go to bed late, even on a school night
You can bareky cook
You pay for lunch
You eat Dim Sum a lot
You live in WA state
You found Bzoink by accident
You have a Myspace
You don't have a Facebook
You don't subscribe to nigahiga on Youtube
You never change into comfortable clothes when you get home
You have a slight accent
You love Aloe Vera juice
You subscribe to kevjumba on Youtube
You read manga online
You can't stand when certain people talk about unneccessary things
You walk home from school
You get texts while you're in school
Your parents make you do things for them
You're bored