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Author: surveysarefunnnn
Created: April 24, 2010
Taken: 306 times
Rated: G

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can we pretend that airplanes are like shooting stars? i could really use a wish right now..

Created by surveysarefunnnn and taken 306 times on Bzoink
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what do you really wish for?
what's your mood at this moment?
what are you listening to right now?
look your name up on urban dictionary, tell me what it says!
what are you wearing?
do you think your attractive?
whats the closest yellow object to you?
what are you sitting/laying on?
do you like your family?
name one thing you like about them,
name one thing you hate about them
has there ever been a horrible rumor spread about you?
what is your favorite song currently?
do you watch degrassi?!
what time is it right now?
what is your favorite season?
if someone was raping you, how would you try to escape?
whats something you love to smell?
1-10 how much do you miss the person you miss?
have you ever wanted to commit suicide?
where do you buy your clothes?
when is the last time you took a shower?
what the last text message you've recieved?
whats does the last text message you sent said?
do you think miley cyrus is pretty?
what's the worst thing about summer?
do you wear a belt just for the way it looks with your outfit?
i dooo(:
do you straighten your hair?
do you think some people look trashy when they scruntch there hair?
what are you stereotyped as in school?
What's the meanest thing anyones ever said to you?
what kind of grades do you get in school?
can you live without eyeliner?
what makeup do you wear?
do you shop at american eagle?
have you ever rode a llama?
do you blow dry your hair air dry it?
if the person you loved, was going to die, what would be your last words?
have you ever cut yourself?
is there anyone you HATE?
are you a neat or messy person?
do you have a tv in your room?
would you every marry the same gender?
do you believe in god?
what kind of music do you like?
what do you look like? describe!
have you ever been on chat roulette?
funnnny stuff.
has someone ever stalked you?
do you think people get formsprings to hear what people think of them?
what's one thing you couldn't live without?
what friend do you trust the most?
everyone betrays you sometime or another..agree?
what's one thing you'd change about yourself?
what's one thing you love about yourself?:)
Do you think fieldtrips are fun?
who do you sit with in your math class?
english class?
social studies class?
science class?
gym class?
language class?
are you good at learning languages?
do you like to listen to sad music when you're sad to make you happier?
you look into the mirror, what do you see?
would you ever be a police or firemen?
do you still watch disney channel?
if you got pregnant at 17, what would be the choices you make?
describe what your room looks like
when you feel like someones watching/following you, what do you do?
are you afraid being home alone at night?
share a funny moment with me!
Chris Brown or Rihanna?
Do you think Lady Gaga is attractive?
do you own a xbox/wii?
if so, are you addicted?
i hate commercials..what about you?
do you listen to your parents?
whats an embarassing moment you had as a child?
Have you ever slept walk?
hav u ever wrote in your yearbook to make it look like u hav lot of friends
didn't fit well^
do you like to swim?
are you good?
have you ever had an online relationship with someone?
what do you do when your bored?
do you ever go to the mall just to "hangout"
HONESTLY; do you like the people you call "friends"
what's an embarassing article of clothing you own?
do you know who anna nicole smith is?
do you wish one 11:11 as much as possible?
do you wish for the same thing everytime?
did you know gel stops the growth of your hair?
did you like the titanic?(if you've seen it)
what's your favorite hairstlye..for you?
do you tell people there pretty even if you know there not?
do you lie to people to there face?
who do you call the most?
who's the last person to call you?
do you look down when you type?
stretch marks...do you have them?
what hairstyle do you like on a guy?
are you ever embarrased to be seen with one of your friends?
do you like arcades?
how many songs do you have on your i-pod?
go on shuffle, and say what song comes up. i-pod/itunes.
do you like sleeping with your hair up or down?
don't you hate kids who think there cool shit?
have you ever fell asleep in class?
who woke you up?!
are your windows open?;)
what color is your underwear?
do you wear pushup bras?
if your crush so you with no makeup on, do you think he'd still like you?
do you sleep with stuffed animals?
if someone came up to you and kissed you, what would you do?
what does your comforter look like?
do you have a temper pedic mattress?
have you seen madagascar?