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Author: burner34
Created: April 23, 2010
Taken: 34 times
Rated: PG

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Take it !Take it !Baby !Baby !Take it !Take it! Love me ! Love me !

Created by burner34 and taken 34 times on Bzoink
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Do you like racoons ?
Lady Gaga yes or no ?
Berlin , yay or nay ?
Whats your favourite color turban ?
Do you want a free pen ?
Is rihanna smoking hott ?
give it to me baby like boom boom boom !??
Is sex overrated ?
Is the morning after pill for lazy people ?
Does david bowie scare you ?
The hills, the best programe ever yes ?
Why do fools fall in love?
Do you believe in life after love ?
No sex or no money ever ?
Pancakes for president ?
Have you ever had sex with a guy ?
Your own farts do not smell ?
Do you like attention seekers?
Whats your opinion of spencer pratt ?
Whats your favourite quote
Favourite colour spoon ?
Do you like justin biebers hair ?!?
Are all men the same ?
Would you do ANYTHING for your best friend ?
Would you move to ireland ?
Is george clooney your uncle ?
Favourite insect .. youd better say ladybird :D ha
Coke or pepsi ?
Do any girls like giving head ?!?!?
Would you murder your worst enemy ?
Is summer 2010 gonna be EPIC ?
Do you call it a blanket or blankey ?
Are you truely happy ?
Overthink things too much ?
Why you doing this survey huh ?
Do you like chicken ? i do :D
Greys anatamy is bad isnt it ?
Ever tried cocaine ?
You wish your name was pablo ?
Your kinda freaky ?
You still like kanye west ?
Glee or Jersey shore ??
You know that i love you boy hot like mexico ?!?
Mint green or royal blue?
Have you ever thought about your funeral
Why is your best friend your best friend ?
How do you know when pasta is cooked?
What is the capital of germany ? ha
What is your favourite song lyric?
When did you loose your virginity ?
Ever got caught doing something baaad ?
Do you think your super cool ?
What superpower would you love ?
Do you enjoy reminising ?
Do you like argueing ?
Ever annoy somebody for the sake of it ?
Biggest regret ?..
Most looking forward to ..?
How are babies made ?
What age will you get married at ?
Ever contimplate suicide?
Would you give your ex a kidney ?if they needed one like :D
Is it still awkward watching a sex scene with your parents ?
Do you like mc flurrys ?
Rich and sad or Poor and happy ?