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Author: ayebaycay
Created: April 20, 2010
Taken: 157 times
Rated: G

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Got me like OMG, I'm so in love. I found you finally, you make me want to say, Oh, oh, oh, oh....OMG

Created by ayebaycay and taken 157 times on Bzoink
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name please?
do you go tanning?
do you tan easily?
how old will you be turning?
what college would you love to go to?
do you hate a lot of people?
do a lot of people hate you?
are you shy?
are you a partier?
do you like going out?
do you shop a lot?
do people think you are older than you actually are?
do you get along with girls?
do you get along with guys?
i don't have a bestfriend,do you?
when was the last time you went for ice cream?
are you one of those people who are with someone new everyday?
myspace is stupid,right?
do you even have a myspace?
how many surveys do you think you have taken in your lifetime?
what kinda of music do you listen to most of the time?
what made you pick this survey?
ever get an underage?
would you consider yourself athletic?
favorite sports?
favorite color to wear?
do you have a favorite outfit?
do you get along with your parents?
have you ever been divorced?
can you crack your elbows?
do you have a lot of problems?
are you shy?
how many people have you dated?
done anything you regret?
do you like long or short surveys?
what is wrong with kids these days?
would you blame them on there parents?
do you wear glasses or contacts?
do you eat to much or to little?
are you really fat?
is there something else you should be doing?
did/do you go to dances at your school?
do you like to eat candy?
do you have a younger sister?
what is your favorite name?
do most people bother you?