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Author: whiteoleander13
Created: April 19, 2010
Taken: 104 times
Rated: G

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Sooooo... are we like??? (:

Created by whiteoleander13 and taken 104 times on Bzoink
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Answer true or false. Lets see if we're alike :)
You were born in Canada.
Your Dad was/is abusive.
Your Mom died.
You're married.
You have a son.
You were born in June.
You're close with your step-Dad.
You used to love the Spice Girls when you were little.
You love Alice In Wonderland.
You love Aladdin.
You love The Little Mermaid.
You had a baby before you were 20.
You have 2 cats.
You love the name Damian.
Besides your ears, your first piercing was your belly button or nose.
You have 2 tattoos.
You moved out of your parents house when you were 17.
You love candles.
Sushi is your favorite food.
You're pansexual.
You think gangs are stupid and pointless.
You hate Twilight.