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Author: lilemogrl112
Created: April 15, 2010
Taken: 32 times
Rated: G

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Created by lilemogrl112 and taken 32 times on Bzoink
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Whats your First name
Whats your last name
whats your middle name
whats your best friends name
whats your worst friends name
who are you mad at
who do you want to be friends with again
whats your fave color
whats your fave icecream
whats your fave pop
whats your fave candy
whats your fave number
whats your fave class at school
do you like people
do you some times wish people could die?
whats your fav song
whats your fav band
whats your fav cd
whats your fav food
what r u listeni to right now
how bout now?
and now?
am i annoying?
if i am please..just say so
no really, u wont hurt my feelings
anywho..well where wasi...squearl...
teehee i spelled i wroing..
am i random..
because once i saw starbucks and yelled watermellon then started talking...
why are you taking this quiz
are you mentle?
are you bi
r u starite
r u gay
r u happy
are you sad
are you mello
are you sleepy
are you bored
are you tired of are you questions?
or why not?
wat state do u life in
wat city
or town
where is your fav hangout
what r u listnin to now
do i annoy u now
if i am, im sorry
do you want me to go away?
are you going to finish this quiz?
if you do there will be a prize...
but you have to wait till the end
do you like glowly sticks
or goofy string (no not silly stirng...)
silly string is for noobs...do u aggree
sorry if i offended you
:'( i feel bad now
please forgive me
oh your not mad? :)
ok thanks, i felt really bad
what do you want to talk about?
repeat after mi..
wat did u just say? ur stupid, smart, pretty ugly, n u dont like my quiz
aww :( you dont like this quiz? neighter do i
yes i know when it comes to making quizes..im a noob
please finish i promis it will be wort it in the furture
do you know what question you are on?
you are on 86
well you were, this one is 88.
now 89.
do you like mi?
please tell mi if you dont
ok..well im goin to go now
please say bii
noo...say it like mii...say 'bii'
noo..you are such a copy cat...
do you want a dog...or are you a cat person?
are you even still there??
plz answer mii..
im lonley..
do you blielve in love at first site?
please go back and count the number of dots...
how many were there
im asking you because i dont know
you could tell me anything
and i would n't know
well i have to go...
say bue bue...
how are you
am i annoying you?
are you really still on this quiz?
i have to go bye!!