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Author: geisteskranker
Created: April 10, 2010
Taken: 289 times
Rated: PG

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Because I need to watch things die from a good safe distance.

Created by geisteskranker and taken 289 times on Bzoink
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Due to popular demand, I'm returning with another survey for your taking
pleasure. [: (Okay, not really I'm just flattering myself, haha.)
You know what to do. [;
Do make sure you dot your I`s when you write?
Do you know anyone with a dual citizenship?
What sports teams do you root for, if any? (Extra points for Boston fans.)
Do you dunk your cookies in milk?
^Ever have the cookie break so you have a giant chunk in your glass? D:
What is today but yesterday's tomorrow?
What is one thing you wish you were better at?
What is something you are confident about?
^Is it hard for you to speak positively of yourself?
Use this space to give yourself a compliment:
What did you wear today?
Do you have the hots for a celebrity? If so, who?
Have you ever been physically addicted to a substance? What?
How do you feel about needles?
What is your favorite accent to listen to?
What did you buy the last time you went shopping for clothing?
What was the reason you last got dressed up?
Have you ever been the subject of cruel rumors?
^ What were they?
Tell me about someone who makes you laugh.
Do you prefer loose or form-fitting clothing?
^ What about on your prefered gender?
What do you do when you are really, really mad?
Would you rather go naked than wear fur?
Pick one: Exsanguinate or Eviscerate ?
Do medical terms make you uncomfortable?
What is something that always makes you uncomfortable?
What does your umbrella look like?
Have any unpleasant public transit stories to tell?
Are you good at teaching someone something new?
Do you put a line through your 7`s?
^^ What about your Z`s?
Have you ever gotten a 'paper cut' from a cardboard box? (I have, it sucks!
What is your gangstah name?
What does 'chillin chillin' mean, anyway? o.0
What is one thing that someone could do to you that is unforgiveable?
Are you able to forgive and forget?
Do you like cold pizza?
What is your favorite fruit?
What about your favorite fruit juice, if it differs from solid fruit?
Do you like broccoli and cheese? :3
What about potatoes and cheese?
..Everything tastes better with cheese. ...Or bacon. Fact or fiction?
Have you had the banana creme oreos? <3 They're godly.
^ What about the mint ones? Yum.
Is life REALLY like a box of chocolates?
Quick! Look behind you! What do you see?
What is one physical trait you are thankful to NOT possess?
Go ahead, tell me a secret:
Have you written a letter by hand, lately? To whom?
The Red Sox owned the Yankees on opening day! Are you happy about that?<3
Toaster or toaster oven?
Roasted, fried or grilled?
Do you set high expectations for yourself?
Are you afraid of failure?
What are you most known for?
Do you have any reputations? What are they?
Do you wear band shirts?
^ What band was on the last one you wore?
Do you own any hats?
Describe them.
What about masks, you got any?
Describe those.
What was the last thing to leave you speechless?
Do your parents like your friends? If they don't, why not?
Have you been called a bad influence?
How do you feel about the Chinese practice of foot-binding?
What about Chinese food? Love it or hate it?
Ever feel like you know someone but can't figure out how?
Describe your favorite pair of socks.
Have you experienced any life changing news, events, etc, lately?
Do you ever spell your name wrong?
Do you like when people make you signs? I do. [;
What do you daydream about most often?
Have any self-done piercings?
Ever pierced someone else?
Do you get distracted easily?
Is talking to strangers enjoyable for you, or stressful?
How do you feel about getting new neighbors?
Are you territorial?
How many ceiling fans are in your home?
Do you tweet your life away? Join the club. Follow me! @geisteskranker
How do you feel about shameless self promoting?
What are your opinions on SPAM? The canned meat, not unsolicited mail.
Does anyone ever wonder if you're drunk based on your bahavior?
When reading words. like. this. do. you always pause after the periods?
What about screaming when reading something IN ALL CAPS?
Are you currently looking forward to something?
If you said 'this survey ending' then you're a jerk!
Nah, I'm kidding. Thanks for taking it. [;