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Author: emahliejay
Created: April 10, 2010
Taken: 13 times
Rated: G

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imagination required

Created by emahliejay and taken 13 times on Bzoink
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a bit off the wall but lets see how you like it.
tell me somethin you are:
something you were:
something you want to be:
something you will be:
Now's the part you need to have fun with it.
if you were stuck on an island what would you rather have?
hawaiin punch or juicy juice?
coconut or banana trees?
would you prefer your island be totally deserted or occupied by a tribe?
they may or may not be friendly that's for you to find out.
would you rather sleep under a palm tree tent or dwell in a cave?
wild animals or no? like tigers, wild hogs, etc.
to find fast food would you go fishing or foraging?
back to the tribal Q. lets say theyre mean.
would you rather be scalped or eaten alive?
lets say theyre nice and you like the simplicity of the island.
marry one of their people or jet the first chance you get?
theres a natural disaster!
where do you hide.. or just stay and hope for the best?
if you got the choice which disaster would you choose?
is a hailstorm really in this category?
You've just won Presidency..of your tribal island.
what 3 things will you allow?
what 3 things will be "illegal"?
did you decide to get married and stay?
to bad, you never had the opportunity to leave.
now tell me the exotic name of your tribal wife/husband.
you get to pick what's for supper.
smashed slugs, monkey brain stew, or the new captive found on the beach?
it doesnt matter they want the captive.
what do you choose to do? have the captive scalped or eaten alive?
you see the captive and recognize it to be the love of your life back home.
how do you react or does it even matter now?
you cant change your answer now that wouldnt be fair would it?
you retire from head of tribe now what?
youre given an animal companion since your partner died what is it?
does it have a cool name? nothing boring i dont wanna hear it.
you live happily ever after. my mind went blank. time for hot chocolate.