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Author: olivia-pink
Created: April 9, 2010
Taken: 32 times
Rated: PG

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The ABC Original Survey :) enjoy.

Created by olivia-pink and taken 32 times on Bzoink
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This survey is abc of the best :)
A: is for Alcohol
When was the last time you drank alcohol?
Shots/vodka mixes?
B: is for Boobs
Would you consider having a boob job (if your a boy would you like a girl)
C: is for college
Exam course/coursework course
D: is for drama
Love it/hate it
E: is for entertainment
serious(classical theatre)/comedy(contemporary theatre)
F: is for friends
Small group/crowed
G: is for green
colour for friendship/envy?
H: is for hunger
Do you eat little and often/big up meals?
I: is for intelligence
Something your born with/something you earn?
J: is for joy
K: is for kiss
L: is for love
the one/a myth?
M: is for Mcdonalds
N: is for nuts
O: is for Olivia/Oliver
Hate the names/love them
P: is for pretty
short girls/tall girls
Q: is for queen
Pointless/important job
R: is for rude
posh people/common people?
S: is for snakes
T: is for time
Turn time forward/back
U: is for umbrella
V: is for Voldemort
a nickname you would use for someone you fancy/someone you hate
W: is for weather
Weather man/mother nature
X: is for XXXXX
use on facebook/or not?
Y: whY is love difficult?
because of boys who are players/girls who are slags
Z: Zebra
Black with white stripes/white with black stripes