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Author: sofay
Created: April 5, 2010
Taken: 158 times
Rated: G

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Oh, because literally everyone is making these and I want to sicken you all. (; (Are we alike?)

Created by sofay and taken 158 times on Bzoink
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I'm sure you all know how these go by now. xP True or False!
You are female.
You couldn't imagine living without a pet to talk to / hug.
Sometimes you wonder if your memories are real or if you've made them up.
You have a pretty large sweet tooth.
Your favourite type of chocolate is dark chocolate.
You don't have a middle name.
People find it hard to pronounce / spell your last name.
You were born in somewhere other than America.
You love listening to other people's accents.
You watch a lot of movies and quote them fairly often.
Your parents split up when you were under five.
You adored Pokemon as a kid and still love it now.
You remember as far back as when you were two years old.
You take a lot of pictures.
You hate deleting pictures or documents incase you might need them later.
You find it difficult to sleep most nights.
You left school early and have never regretted it. (Yet xP)
You can go for days without listening to music.
You prefer handheld video consoles over ones on the computer / TV.
You enjoy talking to people, but not if you dislike them for any reason.
You prefer talking to people in real life, rather than online or whatever.
You hate answering the phone.
You could be called shy but once people get to know you you're anything but
You often think up questions that are too long to fit in the question box.
^ On Bzoink, lmao. Too long to fit in. xP
You use far too many emoticons.
You literally have no friends, besides relatives.
You love to travel.
You put no thought into outfits but still manage to look alright.
You never style your hair.
You think you know what you want to do as a career.
You're not sure how to acheive a lot of your goals.
You think that baby turtles are adorable :3
You spend a lot of your time laughing.
You have naturally large pupils. (Apparently)
You have bright blue eyes. (As in, not pale. Dark blue or something :P)
You don't wear make up.
Your favourite Mario Bro is Luigi.
Infact, a lot of the time your favourites are sidekicks.
You have a big brother.
You treat someone who isn't a relation to you as if they were.
^ For instance, you treat your Mum's boyfriend as if he were your Dad.
You find unicycling better / easier than riding a bike.
I'm not saying I'm good at unicycling, I just really hate riding bikes. xD
You use one of those coo-ing voices when talking to animals. xP
You know a lot of the words / tunes to advertisments on TV.
You enjoy cooking.
You keep a scrapbook / thought book of sorts.
You always remember your dreams.
You adore looking at old photographs.
You are prone to headaches.
You get on better with the opposite sex.
You talk to / insult the people on TV as if they can hear you. ;D
You find yourself awesome, even if no one else does. (x
Your bedroom has a velux window. (The slanted / skylight ones)
You have quite a few figurines / soft toys of characters you like.
You have had dental braces before.
And you need them again. :l
You love theme parks.
'Kay, stop here. Do you think we'd get on? Or just put an opinion of me, ha