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Author: ayebaycay
Created: April 5, 2010
Taken: 103 times
Rated: G

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Get like meee(: (alike?)

Created by ayebaycay and taken 103 times on Bzoink
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You always quote songs.
You are pretty full of yourself.
Summer days are your favorite days.
You have more clothes than you know what to do with.
Math is your worst subject.
You don't have a bestfriend.
You find it hard to trust people.
Taking naps is something you do pretty much everday.
You do way to many surveys in one day.
Pittsburgh is your favorite city.
You love going to the beach.
Rollercoasters are the best.
You hardly ever do your homework or study for tests.
You hate girls.
Flip flops are your favorite.
Your nice to almost everyone.
You think competitive cheerleading is a sport.
You hate long surveys.
You love to wear shorts.
You go to church every Sunday.
You love God.
You spend to much money on pointless things.
You have one sister.
You are very close with your mom.
You would love to play hockey.
You can't run very well.
Your hair is super curly,like tight curls and its a fro.
Your pretty much black.
You don't swear very often.
You love taking walks.
Eating out is the best.
Your always cold.
You think you are attractive.
You like being cocky.
But you dislike cocky people(:
You overuse smiley face.