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Author: fudgepop88
Created: April 5, 2010
Taken: 62 times
Rated: G

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Would You Rather

Created by fudgepop88 and taken 62 times on Bzoink
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WYR Eat 5 lbs. of worms or 5 lbs. of pig hearts
WYR Lick a hole bowling ball or 5 of your friends toes
WYR Have a bee hive as a hat or a snake as a belt
WYR Have a really small nose or a really big nose
WYR You be blind for a day or deaf for a day
WYR Eat a 5 hole sticks of lipstick or 3 hole cup of blush
WYR Have 3 legs or 3 arms
WYR have pants stuck at the top of your head or mittens stuck to your face
WYR Lick an old mans foot or a old mans un showered armpit
WYR Catch on fire or drown