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Author: kreli19
Created: April 3, 2010
Taken: 62 times
Rated: PG

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Just Another Myspace Survey

Created by kreli19 and taken 62 times on Bzoink
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Hair Color.
Eye Color.
Does it offend you when...
You are asked how much you weigh?
You are told 'Merry Christmas' instead of 'Happy Holidays'?
Something negative is said about your country?
Politics are being discussed in schools?
When people skinnier than you complain about being fat?
Other Questions.
Do like President Obama, or do you miss George Bush?
What do you think about the health care bill?
Do you think war is ever necessary?
Is world peace possible?
Will the world really end in 2012?
Was World War 2 necessary, or just horrible?
Should doctors be allowed to help people with fatal diseases kill themself?
Are you for or against democracy?
Does your vote really count?
Do you believe it is alright to lie, or are you totally against it?
Could you ever be a vegetarian?
What is the worst possible gift you could give someone?
Legalizing marijuana- yes or no?
Should companies be allowed to test their products on animals (i.e. dogs)?
Americans- good or greedy?
Will Walmart eventually be the only store available to shop at?
Is it right for younger (wo)men to marry people 20+ years older?
Should people be allowed to have children if they are over fifty?
Should people in an uncertain financial situation have children?
Abortion- for or against?
Should physical education classes be required in school?
What's the reason for high obesity rates?
Voting age- is 18 too old or too young to be able to start voting?
Should citizens be required to pass tests to vote?
What do you think about illegal aliens in the U.S.?
Do you believe in aliens?
Are ghosts real?
Where do people go, if anywhere, when the die?
What are your views on smoking?
Are we going into another depression or is the economy improving?
Should famous people be required to be good role models?
Should television be censored or should nudity and swearing be allowed?
Should there be more or less regulations on the purchase of guns?
Is murder ever justifiable?
What about suicide?
Should juveniles who commit crimes receive the same punishment as adults?
Should no child be left behind?
What do you think about the U.S.?
Should children be allowed to skip grades?
Is home schooling as effective as public or private schooling?
Should children/teachers be allowed to discuss religion in school?
What about politics?
Is there any disease you believe researchers should try to cure first?
What should be done to reduce divorce rates?
Should it be harder or easier to adopt children?
Is it possible to not judge people at all?
Should P.E. classes be co-ed?
How many years of schooling should be required?
Do you think males are naturally better than females at math?
What do you think about tanning beds?
Do you think there is more pressure on females to look good or males?
Easier Questions
Favorite color.
Favorite song.
Favorite animal.
Favorite school subject.
Three countries you want to visit.
Countries you have been to.
Favorite place.
Least favorite place.
Best smell.
Worst smell.
Person you would most like to meet.
Thing that makes you angry no matter what.
Thing that always makes you happy.
Thing that makes you sad.
Favorite memory.
Something you'll always regret.
Something you'll always remember.
Favorite age.
Favorite day.
Favorite month.
Favorite year.
Favorite sport to play.
Favorite sport to watch.
Favorite song.
Favorite band.
Favorite thing to do when bored.
Favorite in Opposite Sex
Hair color.
Eye color.
Older or younger than you.
Looks or personality.
Money or love.
Smart or funny.
Player or overly protective/jealous.
What You Want Your Future Be Like...
House size?
Where you live?
Anything else important?
Children (if any)'s names?
Any other goals?
Have a nice day :)