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Author: tophatophat
Created: April 2, 2010
Taken: 189 times
Rated: PG

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This beat is so funny, we made it with their money. (What do we have alike?)

Created by tophatophat and taken 189 times on Bzoink
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You adore cats.
You are hypoglycemic.
You support the LGBT community.
You love Lady Gaga.
You are female.
You have ADHD.
One of your biggest fears is of death.
One of your biggest fears is of spiders.
One of your biggest fears is of vomiting.
You love to sing.
You are bisexual.
You get a lot of compliments on your hair.
You are very short.
You don't have the best social skills.
You are/were bullied by peers.
You are/have been abused.
You are a virgin.
You have a pottymouth.
You are a borderline genius.
You often say things that will get you in trouble.
You constantly gossip.
You have been stalked before.
You are a sucker for baby animals.
You need a lot of sleep to function well.
You take two hours in the shower.
You love Pokemon games.
You love adventure games.
You are a good dancer.
You follow your own set of rules.
You love talking to elderly people.
You are closer with your mother than your father.
You have been to a Jonas Brothers concert.
You are autistic.
You have been suicidal at one point.
You adore music.
You use Google Chrome as your default browser.
You constantly have dreams that you are pregnant.
You stick up for Justin Bieber.
You get offended when people call things gay.
You get offended when people call things retarded.
You are a crybaby.
You had jaundice when you were a baby.
You were smarter than the average adult before you turned 13.
You have lived in more than one state before.
You have been to Jamaica.
Your first name is a version of Mary.
You were named after an ancestor.
You love the show Scrubs.
You think guys are hottest in their 30's.
Your heritage is more mixed than a salad bowl.
You have dark, dark brown hair.
Your eyes are the same color as your hair.
You like to mess with people on Omegle.
You aren't easily disturbed by gross pictures and/or videos.
Yet you can't stand the sight of blood.
You have had attachment issues.
You have a security blanket.
You have a half brother.
If so...your half brother is 20 years older than you.
You are mulatto.
You can easily spot a troll.
When you don't like someone, you are REALLY bitchy.
You like watching Mtv shows like Made and 16 & Pregnant.
You cried when Jon & Kate got a divorce.
You have a photographic memory.
You rarely cry at movies.
You are very aggressive.
You still love Kanye West, regardless of what he did to Taylor Swift.
You constantly have nostalgia.
You are a perfectionist.
You were raised in the country but long for the city.
You know how to use Photoshop.
You tend to teach your teachers how to do things.
You are good at coming up with insults.
You tend to get bad grades because you don't do homework.
You are extremely lazy.
You have a very fast metabolism.
You are extremely gullible.
You are very moody.
You can never make up your mind.