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Author: erinnicole1017
Created: March 31, 2010
Taken: 26 times
Rated: PG

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Come back to me, it's almost easy. Come back again, ti's almost easy.

Created by erinnicole1017 and taken 26 times on Bzoink
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I'm mad you know why?
Cuz I had the best survey ever and I accidently erased all my questions!
Don't you hate it when shit like that happens??? Dx
So, I'm Erin. How are you and who might you be?
All right we're off to a good start.
Is Jesus your homeboy?
Do you think I'll get complaints for that?
I hope so. People take religion too seriously.
By the way, what religion do you practice, if any?
Do you hate it when people tell you that your religion is wrong?
Know any hardcore Satanists?
I don't but my friends mom insists that I am.just for the record Im not
Do you know who sings the lyric up in the title of the survey?
It was Avenged Sevenfold by the way.
Do you think their singer is sexy? Cuz I do. =] That's one hot band man.
Ok so. Do you know the muffin man?
I do. He's my dealer. XD Think I'll get complaints for that one??? Hope so.
Do you likee being controversial?
Rush Limbaugh contorversial or Howard Stern controversial?
If you're not contorversial, how come?
Would you rather I said how come or why not?
Don't you hate it when llamas break in your house and eat your cats?
I do. The llama tried to eat my mom the other day. Quite terrible.
Do you cuss like a sailor?
I do. My mom hates it but she's just as bad as I am. Talk about hipocrisy
Have you ever heard of Bullet for My Valentine?
They're from Wales just like Princess Diana.
Know where Wales is?
It's in the U.K. by the way.Near England but not part of it per se.
Do you know what R.S.V.P stands for?
Stands for respondez sil vous plait. French for respond if you please. =]
I bet you already knew that didn't you?
Do you like whales? I like pandas myself. They're pretty cute =]
My mom says
DE means Delaware. The first state!! What number state is yours?
The girl next to me just said fuck. Out loud, in the library.
Should she be punished? Or let it slide? Your call not mine.
Going back to my weed topic, do you support weed being legalized?
My dad does. He was a stoner back in the day. But I'm not.
How about you? Are you a stoner? Not judging you by the way.
Speaking of which, ever watch Cheech and Chong?
My dad used to let me watch that shit when I was like 8!
Crazy huh? Do you know any crazy people?
Or how about Atheists or Agnostics? Not that they're related in any way.
I think one of my teachers is agnostic.
Did you know that Scott Mosier is?
Do you even know who the hell that is?
He's the producer on most of the jay and slient bob movies.
I love the jay and silent bob movies. How about you?
Am I boring you?
Ok, good. Is this a boy or girl I'm talking to?
If a boy will you marry me? Cuz I'm a girl, not a boy.
But you have to be atleast 20.
Does that upset you? I'm sorry man. or ladies.
Ok, the end is coming. Will you miss me?
Cuz I'll miss you!! =]