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Author: danceprincess88
Created: March 27, 2010
Taken: 45 times
Rated: PG

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take this survey..im shure u will like it :)

Created by danceprincess88 and taken 45 times on Bzoink
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Do you eat fruit snacks?
Do u do cheerleading?
Wat sports do you play?
Do your watch nickelodian?
if so, wats your fav show on it?
Who is your celebrity crush?
What was the grossest thing u ever ate?
R u straight, bi-sexual, gay or lesbian?
Wats your favorite song?
Do you talk to strangers randomly?
Did your ever punch someone so hard that they started bleeding?
Do you eat twizzlers?
R u a good dancer?
Ever have sex with someone?
how old r u?
R u fat.average,or skinny?
WHat r u wearing right now?
What type of bathing suit did u get for the summer?
Ever went to the mall in pajamas?
Do you want to find a cure for cancer?
How is your relationship with you and your mom?
What is the funniest word you ever heard?
Describe what a hobo will look like?
What is your favorite musical?
What does your backpack look like?
Would you ever jump over a bridge to kiss justin bieber?
Describe what you are wearing right now?
Do your like the show i carly?
ohh..cause i do :)
Do you think miranda cosgro(watever her last name is) is a good singer?
Do you drive?
if so wat kind of car do u drive?
What do u do right when u get up in the morning?
DId u see the movie Dragon?
What type of computer r u on right now?
R u a good singer?
R u good enough to try out for american idol?
What was the last kiss you had?
What is your favorite holiday?
WHat was the scariest thing that has ever happened to you?
What was the last kind of soda u had?
Did anyone ever steal something really expensive of yours?
Name a whole bunch of swears:
What is the laytest thing in style right now :
What did u do today?
what type of things do u do when go to the mall with your friends?
what waz your favorite toy as a kid?
did you ever fart infront of your crush?
ever been to court?
if so.for what?
do u think boys who like pokemon r nerds?
r u talented and for what?
What is your bra size?
Did your turn 16 yet?
if not.how many years till you turn 16?
Did you ever get an award for getting an 100 on a test?
Do you know how to jerk?
Ever touch a hot guys abs?
What about lick them?
dont u love going into hollister to look at all the hawt models?
Can you count in spanish up to 100?
Do u get stage fright?
r u pretty?
can u sing with your mouth closed?
Did u like this survey?