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Author: imonlysleeping
Created: March 24, 2010
Taken: 104 times
Rated: G

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If I had a pancake everytime you said that...

Created by imonlysleeping and taken 104 times on Bzoink
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....I'd never go hungry :|
What Day of the Week and Date is it?
Are you content with it?
How is your day going?
ready for bed?
Go to photobucket.com and enter in "post secret"
find your favorite one and post it's URL here;
Why did you pick that post secret? or would you rather not say?
last song you got stuck in your head:
last song you listened to:
last movie you watched ALL the way through?
what's on your wish list to buy?
are you hungry? if so, what for?
Favorite Movie Quote?
Favorite Lyric?
Let's Dance. put on your red shoes & dance the blues...
So,it's been over a year, what do you think of Obama?
do you think he will serve a 2nd term?
Do you even watch the news?
last thing you drank;
last thing you ate;
Do you know any pregnant people? if so, how many?
doesn't it seem like EVERYone is getting pregnant?
what magazine are you an avid reader to?
with your blah blah blah & all your friends...
does myspace seem to have lost it's steam? is facebook taking over?
how annoying is it when people try too hard to be cute & impress people?
and isn't it dreadful the way most 16-18 year olds act like they're 7?
what is your favorite TV show?
Favorite Movie?
has 2010 been a good year so far?
do you believe in that 2012 nonsense?
Favorite Musician/band/etc?
last thing you wrote down?
what are you NOT looking foward to?
to die by your side is a heavenly way to die :)
what movie do you wanna see in theaters?
what was the last movie you SAW in theaters?
Christofer Drew Ingle? annoying? cute? gross? or amazing?
how about this survey, huh? lame or what?
everything ya do is super duper cute & I can't stand it...
have you had with snow?
what is ONE thing your fridge or pantry ALWAYS needs?
Favorite drink & food?
alrite, last question, can you name the artist &/or songs in the labels?