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Author: turtleshapedpancake
Created: March 23, 2010
Taken: 458 times
Rated: PG

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i'm bored & you're bored so let's do a really long interesting unique random survey. okay!

Created by turtleshapedpancake and taken 458 times on Bzoink
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stuff to start out with, yeah i know, lame!
what's your name?
how old are you?
got a job, & if so, where?
when's your birthday?
lol i'm tired of lame questions.
what's the BEST chuck norris joke?
if convenience stores are open 24/7 365 why do the doors have locks on 'em?
what do your house keys look like?
measure a strand of your hair.. how long is it?
do you have anything signed by a celeb?
what's the 3rd line to your country's national anthem?
what do your favorite socks look like?
do you like peas, corn, or carrots better?
what was the last compliment you've received?
you're a beautiful person. i love you!
what's the last compliment you've ever recieved, now?
what's the last compliment you've given out?
let's get to some personal relationshipy shizz
have / want a gf / bf / either ?
are you homophobic?
if you see someone kissing in front of your locker, what do you do?
have you ever blocked someones locker while kissing & noticed someone wait-
-ing for you to move?
who did you share your last hug with?
ever had a one-arm-awkward-oh-uhh-weird-... hug?
what's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?
have you ever met someone online and then met them in person?
do you have someone online that you want to meet in person?
what do you think of dating sites like eharmony?
would you ever consider using one ^ ?
ever felt like you just didn't want to be with someone anymore?
how long was your longest relationship?
why did it end?
how did the first person to ask you out, ask you out?
ever had a crush on one of your best friends?
ever dated one of your friends ex's?
ever had a secret relationship?
where did your first kiss take place?
are you still with that first-kiss-person now?
who asked who out, boy or girl? (in your most recent/current relationship)?
who do you think should ask who out?
honestly, would you date someone if they were 'ugly'?
ever had a crush on someone that only you thought was cute?
does singing have an effect on your liking of someone?
what's the one thing your partner must posess (not material possesions..)?
ever found out someone liked you and you didn't like them back?
ever had a rumor spread that you and someone liked each other?
...was that rumor actually true?
FAVE'S :) i'll try to make them different than usual..
drinking glass
hair brush / comb
book you had to read in school
type of computer
font on the computer
stuffed toy
little kids tv show character
time of day to take a shower
room in your house
so let's just go ask some other things now
how old were you when you made your current email address?
have you ever had a stupid email address?
did/do you use a pencil case?
do you go crazy when you have a sharpie in your hand?
do you like the smell of gasoline?
what's your favorite amusement park ride?
do you laugh at the number 69?
ever watched a sport because you thought the players were good looking?
have you ever went to the bathroom and left the door open?
has anyone actually opened the bathroom door on you?
have you opened the door on anyone using the bathroom?
how long do you usually take to shower?
have you ever thought someone was ugly, then 5 years later, see them again-
-and go, 'Whoa! when did YOU get attractive?"
do you have anyone blocked on msn?
myspace or facebook?
how about twitter?
lady gaga: uniquely good, or strange and stupid?
do you like a singer/band that nobody else does?
ever bought something off an infomercial?
do you miss billy mays?
would you consider getting a snuggie, or would a backwards robe do the job?
can you drive?
do/did you take a language at school?
what's the stupidest thing you've ever argued about?
do you continue to argue even though you're wrong?
do you/your parents use self serve gas stations?
hot dogs or hamburgers?
have you been to the zoo recently?
have you ever spoken to someone using only questions?
has someone liked something just because you do?
do you like to eat yogurt?
whipped cream: can or tub?
are your ears pierced?
do you have a webcam?
are you on a laptop?
what's your favorite highlighter color?
what countrie(s) are your ancestors from?
what languages do you know?
do you change your font color often on your choice of messenger?
which smiley do you use the most?
have you ever created a survey?
do you take lots of surveys?
who is your #1 celebrity crush?
have any of your friends fought with their parents while you were over?
do you like sleepovers?
so you like the snow?
when is your typical bedtime?
what is the funnest word to say?
got any tattoos?
do you like bendy straws?
do you blow bubbles in your milk?
know anyone with those large black rimmed 'nerd' glasses?
are your pants on the ground?
ever been tempted to pants someone who's wearing their pants too low?
did you see general larry platt's song?
did you know you can buy it on itunes?
do you own any cool rings?
favorite person/people to watch on youtube?
best scent in the world?
is your deodorant fragranced?
does axe / tag smell good or bad?
do you have hair on your arms?
can you describe your favorite pair of pants?
why do we own a shirt, and then pants?
not like we have two pant(s) right?
ever drawn on a mirror?
one celeb you really wanna meet?
who do you know that you really want to meet?
do you like salt?
have you ever made french fries from cutting the potatoes yourself?
do you ever wish you were really really rich?
lots of makeup : pretty or cakeface?
let's do some HOT vs NOT .. vs OKAY :D
pamela anderson
taylor lautner
robert pattinson
megan fox
adam young -owl city
christofer drew ingle-nevershoutnever!
britney spears (as of right now)
zac efron
hugh hefner (LMFAO...uhh)
adam lambert
simon cowell
tila tequila
mike 'the situation'
miley cyrus
justin bieber
alicia keys
justin timberlake
lady gaga
arnold shwarzenegger
gordon ramsay
george clooney
sidney crosby
chris brown
i'm gonna say a word and you say what comes to mind! :D
power ranger
alright getting back to some questions here
have you ever gotten really drunk?
have you ever picked a lock?
what works best to pick locks?
have you ever seen 'i'm on a boat - the lonely island'?
how many computers are in your house?
do you know someone who you'd just like to slap really hard?
what internet browser do you use?
what is your high school grad year?
are pens with fuzzy things at the ends cool?
dog or cat person?
favorite cheesy pick up line?
favorite non cheesy pick up line?
do you take lots of photos?
have you ever danced in the rain?
what is your favorite joke?
ever had plans to do something outdoors, then it rained?
did you go anyways?
best concert you've ever been to?
ever broken something because you were pissed off?
ever made homemade cards for your family?
do you still think santa is cool?
SCHOOL school school :D
fave class?
teacher who gives the least homework?
teacher that still makes seating plans?
do your desks have space to put stuff inside?
around how many kids are in each class?
what's your fave day during spirit week?
do you wear your pj's on pj day?
do you know the password to your schools wireless?
ever been sent to the principles office?
when the classroom phone rings, do you get scared?
do you have pictures on your locker door?
do you decorate your friends lockers on their birthdays?
has someone ever stuck gum or a condom on your lock?
what does your locker look like?
is your locker messy or organized or sorta in between?
do you share a locker?
in which class do you get your best grade?
what time do you wake up for school?
what time do you go to sleep on school nights?
what time is your lunch at?
do you buy or bring lunch?
can you get away with eating during class?
the 411 on your cellular device. ;D
sooo what kind of phone do you have?
can i have your number? ;)
when did you get it?
how many phones have you had in your life?
do you text a lot?
what does the 5th text in your inbox say?
how about the 3rd sent text?
do you have contacts that you never ever call/text?
who's on your speed dial?
do you have a personalized voicemail or automated?
does your phone go everywhere with you?
do you text in class?
has someone ever called you in class?
have you ever picked up during class?
ever forgot to turn off your ringer in the theatres?
what's your ringtone?
silent vs vibrate, which one?
does your phone vibrate 'loud'?
is it touch screen?
does your number have a 7 in it?
do you pay for your own cell plan?
do you ever go over your plan?
ever pocket-dialed someone?
prank called from your phone? "Omg no use yours!" "Just block your #..."
where is your cell?
it's quite difficult thinking up so many questions!
so let's do some good ol' THIS OR THAT
forks or spoons
coke or pepsi
ardvarks or armadillos
stick gum or 'regular' gum
glasses or contacts
slippery or slimy
puh-tay-toe or puh-tah-toe
snow or sun
birds or bugs
rap or jazz
dictionary or thesaurus
essay or short story
long or short nails
screamo or techno
cupcakes or brownies
zippers or buttons
water or milk
aliens or predators
cheesy or corny
juicy or dry
ketchup or mustard
catsup or ketchup
potato or tomato
back to the questions kayyyyyy
do you swear?
what's your word that you just have?
ipod or other?
mac or pc?
do you have doctors' writing?
ever taken notes and then can't remember what the heck they say?
do you like going fast over speedbumps?
do you scream on rollercoasters?
ever held back a sneeze?
do you sneeze loud or quietly?
you can't hum with your nose plugged. try it?
what does your hair look like?
do you chew your straws?
do you get butter/becel on your popcorn at the movies?
ever gone on a diet?
do you celebrate Earth Hour?
do you have a composter?
innie or outie belly button?
fave thing to do while hanging out?
ever smoked weed?
do you read?
do you skip class?
got any pets?
ever liked backstreet boys or nsync?
how about the spice girls?
whose was the last party you went to?
farthest place you've traveled?
place you really want to go?
do you crack your knuckles?
have you volunteered before?
you wanna get married? or are you?
can you draw? good?
do you have to rush to the bathrooms @ the theatre after the movie?
do you flush public toilets with your foot?
do you have an alarm?
what is your alarm sound?
do you like swimming?
what is your fave sport?
can you touch your nose with your tongue?
do you like girls/guys who can play music?
is your desk messy?
have you showered today?
what kind of shampoo & conditioner do you use?
are you gonna post this somewhere? where?
okay this was fun.
good bye! i love you! :)