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Author: allwrongx
Created: March 17, 2010
Taken: 177 times
Rated: G

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What if you're making me all that I was meant to be?

Created by allwrongx and taken 177 times on Bzoink
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Is your hamper currently overflowing?
Are you a fan of the Pink Panther?
Have the police ever come knocking on your door looking for someone?
We're going to the best amusement park ever, first ride you choose is?
Does your keyboard have a button to open the cd-rom drive?
Did you have intense night terrors as a child?
Know anybody who works in a tattoo parlor?
Have you ever played flashlight tag?
Sitting around a campfire is cozy, right?
Could you call yourself a movie buff?
Are you planning on attending Warped Tour this summer?
Skin tight tshirts or ones with flowy sleeves and such?
The last tshirt you purchased has what on the front?
Have you ever broken something and blamed it on somebody else?
The Breakfast Club, yay or nay?
Robin Williams or Adam Sandler? Why?
Have you ever had a piercing get infected?
Could you beat me in a game of Disney SceneIt? I doubt it. C:
Do you like to read other people's survey answers?
Do you know a lot of 'useless movie quotes'? I do.
Have you ever shoplifted? Even as a child.
Band that you really want to see in concert?
Do you hate when people say,'Everything's going to be fine." When it's not?
Does microwaving Fruity Pebbles sound like a bad idea?
They're actually very good like that. I'm not even kidding.
Do you put the top toilet seat down when you're finished?
Were you sad to see John Hughes go?
Dancing under a discoball seems pretty cool, huh?
Do you check your fire alarms when you're supposed to?
Are you a shorts wearing kind of person?
Is your grandparents' house obsessively tidy?
Au Gratin potatoes, yay or nay?
Do you prefer to tape or tack up posters to your walls?
When you cook, do you like to throw in random things?
About how much can you bench press?
Do you get embarrassed easily?
Have you ever ducttaped somebody's mouth shut?
What was on your covers as a child?
Sporks, more convenient, yes? Plus, you can make them look like Batman. C:
Who is the biggest nag, your mum or your dad?
Is dinner done yet? /:
Do you know how to jumpstart a car? I do.
Have you ever had your phone die on you in the middle of a conversation?
Is anybody in your family a carpenter?
You'll always be my thunder. Remember that, mmk? C: