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Author: geisteskranker
Created: March 14, 2010
Taken: 244 times
Rated: PG

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The darkest hour never comes in the night.

Created by geisteskranker and taken 244 times on Bzoink
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Hallo, meine Freunde!
The following are a necessary evil, I'm afraid.
What may we call you?
When can we send you a birthday card? (Figuratively, of course.)
And, where are you calling from? (Again, figuratively.)
Danke. Let's move on.
What is your favorite Hostess/Little Debbie snack?
Do you/your family buy loaf from the bakery or bagged on the shelf?
White, wheat or other?
Have you ever fixed something without knowing just how you did it?
Do store brands actually taste the same?
Quick! Grab the closest book to you, open to page 5 and type the first line
What was the last non-fiction book you've read? (Not a school textbook!)
Do you make surveys or just take them?
I came up with this survey on a plane!
When was the last time you were on a plane?
Where were you going and why?
What's the best news you've gotten lately?
^And, the worst?
How is 2010 treating you so far, anyway?
If you could invent something, what would it be?
Tell me about your favorite pair of pants.
Do you like getting dressed up?
Would you rather receive (or give) flowers, chocolates or jewelry?
Do you drink Vitamin Water?
^If yes, what flavor is your favorite?
What color are your headphones/earbuds?
Is your technology up to date?
Ever been stuck next to someone really annoying on a LONG plane/train ride?
What sound just drives you crazy?
The guy next to me on the plane was snoring super loud. o.o
Would you be embarrassed to find out you snored loudly in public?
Do you embarrass easily?
Why were you embarrassed last?
Are you afraid of heights?
What is a compliment you get most often?
Tell me about the last frightening/weird dream you had.
Now, about the last pleasant dream you had.
Do you feel guilty about killing bugs?
If there is a spider in your room, will you be up all night knowing that?
Is there a trait typical to your gender that doesn't apply to you?
How do you feel about coconut?
^ Ever cracked one open?
If you like someone, what do you do?
If you DON'T like someone, what do you do?
What do you feel most insecure about?
Crash into water or an open field? D:
What's the best thing about being your gender?
^ And the worst thing?
Do you do your part to save the earth?
Does it ROYALLY piss you off when your intended username is already taken?
What color do you wear most often?
Describe your sunglasses.
What's the most you've spent on a pair of sunglasses?
^Or, ladies, what about a purse?
Actually, what's the most expensive clothing item/accessory you own?
Who do you think should have their portrait on a bill?
What is your favorite spoken language to listen to?
How long until you turn 40?
Spend life in prison or get the death penalty? Why?
Are you sarcastic?
Does it annoy the hell out of you when people just don't GET your sarcasm?
Do you take jokes personally?
What word do you frequently misspell?
What word do you frequently misTYPE?
Last time you were very angry.. why?
Do the LOLcats make you laugh? :3
Ever felt like giving up on love? Why?
..On life? Why?
Are you generally attracted to people taller or shorter than you?
Why is cutting and mental illness becoming trendy?
NEWSFLASH: Mental illness is NOT cool. I hate stupid emo bullshit.
Did that ^ make you mad? [x
Ever feel like people started doing something simply because you did it?
^How did that make you feel?
Do you find it rude when you offer someone something and they decline?
What is a band you used to love, but sucks now?
^ I hate that. Isn't it super disappointing?
Tell me a band/artist that all the songs sound the same to you now.
What is a band/artist that has consistently cool album artwork?
Ever sung karaoke? Did you do good or bomb it? d:
Ever been to a strip club?
..were all the strippers ugly? xD Hate that.
How do you feel about fishing?
What is your favorite weather?
Have you ever had a popcorn kernel stuck in your tooth for more than a day?
Have you seen the Annoying Orange?
^ Do you hate that you love it?
Do you know how to save a life?
Finish the sentence: If you only knew...
Would you like to go on holiday to any Scandanavian countries?
Do you like sushi? If so, what's your favorite kind?
Favorite cuisine? (Italian, Chinese, Indian, German, etc.)
Are you thinking Arby's?
Does the Filet o' Fish commercial crack you up everytime?
What if it were you hanging up on this wall?
If it were you in this sandwich, you wouldn't be laughing at all!
Danke. That'll be all. [: