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About This Survey

Author: adamproctor23
Created: March 9, 2010
Taken: 3 times
Rated: G

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about you  

About you

Created by adamproctor23 and taken 3 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever smoked?
have you ever drank?
have you ever loved someone?
have you ever fell in love but then got heart broke?
who do you love?
do they love youback?
who do you want to die with?
want to get married?
want kids?
how many kids?
who do you want to get married to?
what makes you love this person the way you do?
how would you show me that you love this person?
ever go on a double date?
ever been dumped druring a date?
ever feel like you love that person but they dont love you back?
whats your religion?
believe in hell?
believe in heven?
believe in god?
plan on going to college?
whats your hair color?
whats your eye color?
whats your favorite number?
whats one thing you would do for someone if you cared about them?
who do you care for the most?
do you hate anyone?
do you want to be alone with the person you enjoy time with the most?
would you give up everything for that person?
would you die for that person?
whats your favorite number?
cologne or perfume?
school or no school?
single or not single?
loved or unloved?
feel like you dont belong?