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Author: allieballie
Created: March 1, 2010
Taken: 72 times
Rated: G

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One Day Your Life Will Flash Before Your Eyes... Make Sure It's Worth Watching!

Created by allieballie and taken 72 times on Bzoink
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Did you ever watch Forensic Files?
Describe your cell phone case:
Know anyone who picks their nose?
Have you ever played Bocce Ball?
When is the last time you went to a State or National Park?
Do you believe in voodoo?
Can you tell the difference between crocodiles and aligators?
Did the death of a celebrity ever make you cry?
Are you a product of the public school system?
Have you ever been called a "devil in disguise"?
Speaking of devils in disguises, Graceland, have you been there?
Did you get the correlation between the two questions above?
What do you youtube the most?
Have you ever googled your own name?
Have you ever seen Citizen Kane?
Do you have a dream catcher?
Have you ever made a "God's Eye"?
Do you pluck your eyebrows?
What about wax them?
Do you look down upon girls that wear way too much makeup for attention?
Have you ever read "Where the Red Fern Grows"?
What about "The Westing Game"?
Have you ever played World of Warcraft?
When was the last time you climbed a tree?
Did you fall out of one?
When you were a kid, did your father ever build you a clubhouse?
Speaking of clubhouses, wasn't the one in Out Of The Box cool?
Have you ever made chicken alfredo pizza?
Can you entertain yourself pretty easily?
Ever drove a waverunner before?
What about a four-wheeler?
Did you ever want a moped?
If you found five bucks on the ground, what would you spend it on?
Can you draw trees well?
Ever read or watched a Shakespeare play?
Are your pillows on your bed lumpy?
Do you have any strange cravings for food right now?
Are you, or have you ever been pregnant?
Who's prettier: Marilyn Monroe or Lady Gaga?
Are you a coffee person?
Did you give up anything for New Years or did you vow to do something more?
Finish the sentence: "Safe behind these windows..."
What's your favorite Disney animated movie?
Is there a celebrity out there that just tries too hard to be popular?
Do you think Tom Cruise really loves Katie? Or is he just crazy?
Did you file your taxes this year already?
If so, are you expecting a big return?
Do you understand anything about the whole tax return system?
Do you have health insurance?
Do you know how to change your own oil?
What about check antifreeze?
How about power steering fluid?
Have you ever run out of gas?
What is the last pizza restaurant you ate at?
Are your lips dry in the winter?
Have you ever used Burt's Bees Lip Chap?
Ever thought you were dying when you really weren't?
Do you know where Prague is?
Do you have pep rally's during or after school?
Do you remember the show "In a Heartbeat" on Disney?
What about "The Famous Jett Jackson"?
Or "The Jersey"? No... not The Jersey Shore.
Should MTV just change their name to RTV for all of their reality shows?
If we have the channel BET, why don't we have AET or HET?
Do you tend to spoil movies for people?
Would you consider yourself to be old fashioned?
Is cohabitation okay in your book?
Do you feel bad for the kids of celebrities?
When was the last time you told someone you loved them?
Did you mean it?
If I dared you to chew a piece of gum from under a bench, would you do it?
What if I gave you fourty dollars?
Is it true that everyone has a price?
Do you pick out your supper based on taste or convenience?
When is the last time you cleaned the microwave?
What is the dirtiest kitchen appliance in your house?
Have you ever been on a snipe hunt?
Have you ever seen the Mississippi River?
What about the Empire State Building?
Or Cape Canaveral?
Speaking of which, did you ever want to be an astronaut?
Or did you just want to be the cool kid in class that goes to Space Camp?
Which of the Disney parks is the most fun for you?
Is it true that Animal Kingdom is just like a big zoo?
Is it weird when child-less couples go to Disney parks?
Did you ever take those Flintstones vitamins?
Didn't they taste like antacids? Yuuuck.
Do you enjoy oldies?
What about classic rock?
Or 80s Metal?
Congrats! You just won a one-way flight to anywhere. Where would you go?
Do you have a significant other significantly taller or shorter than you?
Is it called Panera Bread or St. Louis Bread Co. where you live?
Is Cobra Starship rad?
What about Plain White T's?
Did you watch cartoons religiously when you were a kid?
Did you used to play Power Rangers?
Remember Captain Planet?
Would you rather have the ability to fly or read minds?
When was the last time you had crab legs or lobster?