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Author: allieballie
Created: February 28, 2010
Taken: 218 times
Rated: G

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There are 6 billion people in the world... And I only want you. <3

Created by allieballie and taken 218 times on Bzoink
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I know how the moon must feel.
What is inside of your favorite breakfast burrito?
Have you ever seen a ghost?
Is there a TV in the room you're in now?
Ever party-boyed anyone?
Do you look at roadkill on purpose when you pass it?
Cosmic brownies, yay or nay?
Do you rummage through the $5 movie bin at walmart every time?
Ever tried a smore with strawberry syrup instead of chocolate?
Flowers or Chocolate on Valentines Day?
Does Valentines Day suck for guys?
Do the Bring It On movies make all cheerleaders look like bitches?
Do you have an account on Youtube?
If so, are you subscribed to anyone?
Any upcoming movies coming to theaters you are looking forward to?
Were you a kid of the 90's?
Did you ever own a Furby?
When you're out of hotdog buns, do you just use bread?
Do you prefer steamed white rice or fried rice with the carrots and stuff?
Old Scooby Doo or new?
Did you ever own a light bright?
Ever run a red light?
When you're at the theater, how much butter do you ask for on popcorn?
Have you ever seen a UFO?
Do you or a family member have a bread machine?
Are you a facebook stalker?
Have you ever seen a psychiatrist?
Wouldn't it be cool to bend spoons with your mind?
If you were a superhero, what would be your superhero name?
Do you enjoy watching Cops?
Do you jog?
What movie is this line from? "Stop that rhyming now, I mean it!"
Have you ever seen a stage musical?
Does your cell phone have a screen protector?
Were you ever a girlscout or boyscout?
Ever been to Chicago?
What about London, England?
Or Barcelona, Spain?
Or even Paris, France?
Is there a celebrity you like to follow?
Do you twitter?
What's a website you haven't visited in years?
Do you love those little swords they put through cherries at restaurants?
Do you have any gift cards for anything right now?
Where's the farthest you've been from home?
Do you buy cheap earphones?
Have you ever seen the movie "The Crow"?
Do you need a hug right now?
Do you remember your dreams often?
What's the dumbest reality show you've ever seen?
Does your hair grow fast or slow?
Ever dye your hair then your hair grew out so your natural color was seen?
What is on your pancakes?
Do you get scared during thunderstorms?
Did you ever ride the bus to school when you were younger?
Are you what would be considered an "attnetion whore"?
Does the Travelocity gnome annoy you?
What about the Geiko Gecko?
Or Shatner as the Priceline Negotiator?
Ever seen "Snakes on a Plane?"
Do you have a garage door?
What about a dutch door?
Or a walk-in closet?
Did you ever have one of those Razor Scooters?
What about Heelies?
Or Sock 'em Boppers?
Or even one of those big Barbie dolls?
What is the longest you've ever lived in one single house?
What do you do when you get one of the "foreward me or die" chain letters?
Ever used a table saw?
What about a nailgun?
Speaking of nails, do you bite yours?
Do you like gory movies?
Is there anything you wear that you never take off?
Do you remember any *Nsync songs?
Do you collect anything?
Are soap operas fun to watch?
What is sitting close to you, directly on your right hand side?
What's a movie you could watch over and over again?
Super Mario Bros. Original or Super Mario Bros. Wii?
Do you have anything from Bath & Body Works?
Name a fast food place you've NEVER eaten at:
Have you ever seen someone have a seizure?
Do you buy shirts from vacation spots?
What brand is your razor?
What's the last thing you made out of clay?
Who are you most proud of?
Do you think people who wear colored contacts look weird in them?
Other than the book & dvd, do you own any Twilight merchendise?
Did you have Christmas concerts when you were younger?
Have you or your parents ever met one of the Presidents of the U.S?
Where do your ancestors come from?
Have you ever wanted to visit there?
Have you ever bought anything from Craigslist?
What about Ebay?
Do you go to garage sales or yard sales?
Do you tend to get caught in the heat of the moment?
Finish the cliche: "Play in the fire..."
Have you ever seen a motel with the "No" lit up before "Vacancy"?
Ever been to the emergency room?
What drink do you prefer with your popcorn?
How do you like your eggs?
Do you know anyone named Scarlett?
Do you know a "crazy cat lady"?
What's the last movie you watched?
Have you ever actually seen an eggplant?
Is there something everyone around you believes, but you think isn't real?
Do you carry around a purse?
Does your bedroom have a sepecific theme to it?
Do you own any sparkly underwear?