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Author: baybay173
Created: February 26, 2010
Taken: 163 times
Rated: G

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asdfjkl; <-- these are my home keys.

Created by baybay173 and taken 163 times on Bzoink
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Ready for some randomness?
Do you watch "16 & Pregnant"?
Do you like Ke$ha?
...what about 3OH!3?
How are you today?
What time was it exactly 3 minutes ago?
Are you on a laptop or desktop right now?
Mac or PC?
Have you ever tried Proactive?
What is your favorite TV show?
Do you enjoy taking surveys?
Gotta Twitter?
What is your opinion on Miley Cyus?
dO YUhHH tyYYYpPE lYYkE tHyyS ?!?!
Where were you when Micheal Jackson died?
What color is your hair?
Are you sitting by a TV?
What was the last website you visited?
June 25, 2009 at 2:26pm... what happened?
Who is your celeb role-model?
Do you like Cheeze-Itz?
Do you remember your very first boyfriend?
Your current age?
Do you watch MTV?
Do you like speghetti?
Are you one of those Twilight Fans?
Quick! Name a word that rhymes with "quack"!
Watched any good movies lately?
Do you have a song stuck in your head right now?
When is the last time you went pee?
Ham or Turkey?
Have you ever played DDR?
Are you a girl or a boy?
Do you have a bf/gf?
What's your opinion on gay marriage?
Do you watch the Olympics?
What is/are your bestfriend's names?
Is there a really annoying dog in your neighborhood?
What is your fave color?
....fave movie?
What school do you go to?
Your opinion on Obama?
Do you give-up easily?
Do you have braces?
Do you have a Facebook?
Aren't girls that think they know everything really annoying?
Do you go to Church?
What's for favorite veggie?
Is anyone in your family in the Army?
....any friends?
Myspace or MySpace?
Do you like the Black Eyed Peas?
What is your fave piece of jewlery?
When is the last time you watched Hannah Montana?
QUICK! Name a color!
Do you like pickles?
Do violins annoy you?
Do you play any instruments?
I hope you have a great day, will you? [: