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About This Survey

Author: lilmoosic011
Created: February 25, 2010
Taken: 11 times
Rated: G

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AOSFB 2009 Survey

Created by lilmoosic011 and taken 11 times on Bzoink
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AOSFB Basics
Your Name
Your Instrument
Number of years in AOSFB (so far)
Why you joined/how you found out about AOSFB.
Your Section
Into what chair were you placed? Where you happy?
Who was your favorite peer in your section?
Do you feel your section was strong?
Was there anything about your section that annoyed you?
Days 1-3 (Rehearsal)
Did these days suck for you?
Did you take a pillow to rehearsal?
What about snacks/drinks?
Did you text during these rehearsals?
Days 4-14 (State Fair)
Did you view a concert at the Celeste Center? Who?
Did you like Ballyhooing?
How about field concerts?
Where was your favorite place(s) to perform?
Did you ever go through the Bricker Building for fun?
Did you buy an AOSFB shirt from Wicked Jeff's?
If so, what did it say on the back?
Is Mutton Bustin' truly the toughest sport on wool?
Did you ever go to ODNR after dark to...you know.
The Music
What was your favorite song overall?
What was your favorite march?
Favorite Concert Band song?
Is Stars and Stripes Forever ingrained in your memory?
How about Beautiful Ohio?
Did you like the B.O. Waltz or March more?
Camp in General
Were you ever gigged? Why?
How did you like your dorms/dormmates?
Was it hard to sleep at night the first few days?
Was it hard to sleep period?
Did you ever break your instrument/stand?
How about someone else's?
What did you do between concerts/performances?
Did you take a Swiffer/Febreze with you?
Did you use a cell phone in the dorms?
Did you keep your trunk/valuables locked up?
Did you ever practice music outside?
Did you buy a CD of the Celeste Center concert?
What about a group/individual photo?
How many uniforms did you have?
How many times did you do laundry?
Did you ever send your uniforms in for free?
Did you ride the skyline with the free ticket?
Who was your favorite director/counselor/etc?
Did you get along with the staff?
Did a staff member ever get on your nerves? Who?
Do you know who "Fred" is?
Favorite language to count the cadence in?
What color was your folding chair?
Did you get free rolls of Duck Tape?
What about free boxes of cereal?
Did you use your lanyard to get on rides for free?
Did you have any friends from the AOSFYC?
Are you a Mau Master?
Did you ever play Mau?
In Conclusion
Did you make many friends at AOSFB?
Have you seen any friends since then?
Did you miss home bandcamp for AOSFB?
Would you do it again?
Have you applied for 2010 AOSFB yet?
Would you reccommend it to friends?
Did AOSFB make you a better player?