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About This Survey

Author: sierra-hahaha
Created: February 16, 2010
Taken: 46 times
Rated: PG

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Truee Orr Falsee ?

Created by sierra-hahaha and taken 46 times on Bzoink
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Random Questions.. v.v
You don't have any pets.
You have your own computer.
You don't like makeup.
You find perverts annoying.
When you're lonely you hug a stuffed animal.
You've tried to starve yourself before.
You don't like wearing skirts because you're not proud of your legs.
You wish you could turn invisible.
You're shy when you're first meet someone.
You are good at spelling.
You're good at math.
You like your music loud.
You like your music quiet.
You were skinny jeans.
You think girls gossip too much.
You are afraid of noodles.
Teletubbies scare you.
You hate barney.
You believe Michael Jackson raped kids.
You prefer Spiderman to Superman.
You don't judge people based on appearances.
You had your first kiss in middle school.
Your name is six letters.
You like your middle name.
You honestly think your name is pretty. [girls]
You like wearing things that nobody else wears.
You're skinny.
You consider yourself pretty.
Your best subject is Math.
You like using bright colored pens.
You love rainbows.
You like drawing on the celebrities in magazines.
You are nowhere near perfect.
You think long hair on guys is sexy.
You sometimes wish you were dead.
You hate being a leader.
You are good with kids and animals.
These are a little more personal v.v
You question your sexuality.
The last person you kissed.. hot.
The last person you kissed.. not hot.
You are a virgin.
[if ur a virgin] done more than kissing?
Have you had a 3sum?
You have had sex with 2+ different people in the same day? [dif. times]
You are bi.
You are a lesbian.
You are straight.
You are gay.