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Author: sofay
Created: February 15, 2010
Taken: 205 times
Rated: G

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Remember when I was sweet and unexplainable. Nothing like this person, unlovable.

Created by sofay and taken 205 times on Bzoink
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Do you ever eat when you're not particularly hungry?
Have you ever gone up a mountain on a train?
What is your favourite hot beverage?
Do you have an alter ego? Describe them:
What was your imaginary friend called when you were a child?
Can you see the stars at night where you live?
Where do you live?
Is there anyone you just can't get out of your head?
Do you prefer cats or dogs? Why?
One thing you'd like to achieve this year:
Food: Are you adventurous or do you stick to what you know?
Are you a hoarder of useless items?
What colour do you think suits you best? Is this your favourite colour?
Is there anything (out of the obvious) that makes you feel really ill?
Do you know both of your biological parents? Which one do you prefer?
If you could intern anywhere, where would you choose?
When was the last time you wrote so much your finger ached?
Do you store a lot of pictures you've taken that no one else has seen?
Do you prefer film or digital pictures?
When was the last time you felt inferior?
Do you bump into things often?
When did you first start using the internet?
Were you ever a member of the Scouts / Girl Guides / Something similar?
Do you prefer camping or staying in hotels?
Do you have any family traditions for certain holidays? Which?
Do you prefer lip balm that tastes or smells of something?Or maybe neither?
What is something you think about yourself that nobody agrees with?
What about something people think of you that you don't agree with?
Do you enjoy flying? What's your (least) favourite part?
What colour are your eyes? Do you like them?
Have you ever had braces?
Name one of your hobbies:
How minty is your toothpaste?
What design is on your calender this year?
Do you collect anything? What?
Do you keep a diary? What sort of things do you write in it?
Are you prone to headaches?
Do you enjoy clowns / street performers or are they creepy to you?
What is your favourite type of video game?
Do you believe everything you hear or do you take it with a pinch of salt?
What's the weather like where you live? (All year round, not today)
Have you ever had a teacher who would just babble about nothing?
Do you ever look at a word and think that it looks odd?
Do you prefer getting news online, from a paper or from the TV?
The shoes you wear most often: What do they look like?
When was the last time you climbed a tree?
Did you enjoy playing Hop Scotch when you were younger?
Are you good at keeping your house clean?
Can you play any instruments?
Do you prefer chocolate or fruity flavoured candy?