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Author: xxblack-rosexx
Created: February 13, 2010
Taken: 24 times
Rated: PG

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Your the Reason For My smiLe <3

Created by xxblack-rosexx and taken 24 times on Bzoink
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Lets get to know you first (:
Whats your name Darling?
And What may be your age?
Favorite Music?
What do people Lable you as in school ? if you are in school?
Male ; Female ; Allien? xD
Single or Taken?
Lets Talk about our friends shall we? ;]
Whos your best friend?
Do you have a friend you calL your sister or brother?
Do you have those kinds of friends you only talk to when your bored?
How many do you trust?
Would you like to be my friend? ;D
Whats the best memorie with your bestfriend?
Would you take a bullet for them?
Lets talk family [:
Are you f.o.e? ( family over everything?]
Have you ever crushed on a family member?
Do you have a close relationship with your parents/guardian?
Do you have family reunions?
if so where?
Are you still with your parents?
Do/did they ever embarress you?
Who was more Strict? mom or dad?
Ever did somethin then not tell them after 3 years?
Ever told them you hate them to theyre face?
Ever had Bitch fights with em'?
Okay Lets head to Love <3
Who was your first love?
Do you still talk to them ? if you remember?
Ever Cried over someone you thought you loved?
Do you regret dating anyone?
Was your last Relationship a mistake?
Ever been in love but lost them for a at home situation?
Believe in Long Distance Relationships?
Ever liked someone, asked them out then get over it after 2 days?
Where is your Future love going to propose ? ;]
Whats the Farthest youve gone?
when was your first kiss?
do you love the last person you kissed?
Was the Last person you huged the one your falling for?
Are you in love?
With who may i ask?
okay (: nice gettting to know you will you rate this for me?
oh and add me if you'd like why wont ya? ;]