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Author: girlyboo
Created: February 13, 2010
Taken: 247 times
Rated: G

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Valentines day is like a middle finger to single people !

Created by girlyboo and taken 247 times on Bzoink
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What's your dad's middle name?
Who was the last person you yelled at?
What was the last fast food place you ate at?
Do you carry hand sanitizer every where you go?
Have you or anyone you know got the swine flu?
What do you think about twitter?
When you were younger did you collect pokemon cards?
Have you ever been so drunk that the next day you didn't remember anything?
What color is your house?
Do you use your fingers to do simple math problems?
Dont you hate animal abusers !?
Have you ever been with a jerk?
Do you wear fondation?
When was the last time you had your nails done?
Do you clip your toe nails?
Have you ever been called a goody goody?
Are you/were you the "quiet" one in school?
Are you a easy person to get along with?
Do you get self conscious when wearing a bathing suit?
What makes you distracted?
Have you ever been whistled at?
Do you hate being around sick people?
Have you ever skipped a class in school?
Do you wear really dark eye liner?
Do you dislike any certain people?
Do you know anyone who survived cancer?
Did you use to play hop scotch when you were little?
How many hula hoops can you do?
What color is your keyboard?
Are you a fan of Justin bieber?
How many days or months till your birthday?