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Author: tapout-bay-be-doll
Created: February 11, 2010
Taken: 149 times
Rated: R

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f*** me like you hate me.

Created by tapout-bay-be-doll and taken 149 times on Bzoink
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ever answer the phone during sex?
wildest fantisy?
believe in the lost city of atlantis?
what is the hottest thing on the opposite sex?
what's the sweetest thing a significant other has ever done for you?
ever call anyone other than your mom/dad mommy/daddy?
how "innocent are you"?
who saw you naked last?
george st. pierre is the hottest ufc fighter right?
selena gomez is stupid correct?
everything in life makes since, except clowns right? i mean wtf?
are you sleeping alone tonight?
porn is stupid right? just go get a hooker.
roomers suck right?
is the little chinese guy on the hangover gay?
what's the name of the closest club to you?
spooning, yes or no?
sexiest nickname you ever had?
who gave you that nickname?
is tanning hot?
what do you sleep in?
ever been naked in someone elses bed?
ever cussed in front of someone like a grandparent or preacher?
what's the point in going to school if they give me homework?
makeing out in school is trashy. agreed?
opinion on premarrital sex.
what would you so if you found out your best friend of the same sex is gay?
piercings a turn on or turn off?
what about tattoos?
are guys more perverted or girls?
why can people be sluts?
who decided that the words we call cuss words are bad?
who was the last person you flipped off?
why do rabbits have so much sex i mean really kids?
ever streaked?
ever wanted to be a nudest?
how embrassing was the sex talk?
what do you think of when i say whipped cream, hand cuffs, blind fold?
role play. yes or no?
who do you get advice from?
do you shop at victoria's secret?
what do you associate valentines day with?
what is the stupidest thingyou've ever done?
ever showered with anyone?
ever "dirty talk"?