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Author: yoliebloop
Created: February 9, 2010
Taken: 94 times
Rated: PG

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Created by yoliebloop and taken 94 times on Bzoink
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where was your last kiss?
have you ever had that person hold you?
when was your last piercing?
Last kiss, when was it?
Do you ever look at yourself and get angry?
are you hiding something from the one you love?
can you tell the difference between coke and pepsi?
do you prefer weed or cig?
what do your parents say about smoking?
do like kissing with tongue or without?
what's your favorite body spray?
clear lip gloss or tinted?
what show is hilarious to you?
what's the worst thing about sex?
have you ever thought you were pregnant?
when you were young did the word sex bother you?
what did your first crush look like?
is your body more curvy or flat?
current mood?
what kind of girls piss you off?
have you ever talked behind your friends back(badly)
is icecream in winter weird to eat?
what's your least favorite holiday?
if your having a boring day what do you usually do?
do you turn to food when your upset?
is your bf/gf good with your parents?
does chewing with someones mouth open make your angry?
what's something you hate about people?
are you jealous of other girls?
who last made you upset?
does he/she usually upset you?
who's more strict mom or dad?
what feature do you find pretty about yourself?
I hate stuck up girls, do you?
do any of your friends have a nasty ego?
which smile face do you prefer?
what's your take on porn stars?
does playboy make you sick?