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Author: yoliebloop
Created: February 7, 2010
Taken: 58 times
Rated: PG

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tender is the fur dying as you pur.-rob zombie

Created by yoliebloop and taken 58 times on Bzoink
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hey bitch, Whats your fucking name?
what color are your nail?
last time you got some ass?
do your parents like your style/music choices?
ever been verbally abused?
ever been in a fight? why?
do you believe in God?
describe your looks?
in 4 words describe your day.
when did you last break down?
did you take mirror pictures alot?
what do you do before you sleep?
what time do you fall asleep on school nights?
one season for ever which one?
do you use hair products?
what's the worst thing about your school?
what food do you always have in your house?
last time you showered?
ever seen your parents makeout?
who was your first kiss?
what's your dream height and weight?
do you put your hair up alot or down?
most of the time do you straighten or curl your hair?
what do you do when your house loses power?
what piercing do you hate?
were you raised in a religious house?
do your parents get mad when your on the computer for hours?
what kind of iPod do you have?
have you ever been asked for a nude picture?
what's your favorite thing about your crush/bf/gf?
what's the worst thing?
ever been so scared you pissed?
can you watch scary movies at night and not be scared?
would you rather be held or kissed? can't have both pick one!
do you use a watch or a cellphone?
last reason you got your cell taken away?