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Author: geisteskranker
Created: February 6, 2010
Taken: 136 times
Rated: PG

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A scared sin for divine perfection

Created by geisteskranker and taken 136 times on Bzoink
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Guten Abend. [:
You know what to do. Statistics, is all.
What can we call you?
How many candles can we put on your next cake?
Where can we find you?
Excuse the creepiness. Let's move on.
Have you ever been somewhere tropical?
What's your favorite accent?
For the United States: East Coast or West Coast?
Do you like chocolate milk?
What about strawberry?
^Or, does it make you super thirsty? It does for me.
So.. Do you come here often? [;
What's the funniest
What's your favorite band/artist/musician/whatever?
If you could, would you become a doctor?
Are you drawn to negative things?
Like death, violence and other
Comedy or Tragedy?
Do you live vicariously?
Do people find you attractive?
Are they right in thinking so?
Are you proud?
What is your
Would you literally give the clothes off your back to someone in need?
Do dinosaurs intrigue you?
Would you ever watch an autopsy?
What about a surgery?
How do you feel about black metal?
Do you think Cradle of Filth is black metal? xD
Doesn't Cannibal Corpse just always cheer you up?
Do hot dogs get a bad reputation?
...Do you know what movie that came from?
Pick one. Movies or music?
What do you think about M. Night Shyamalan?
Why does everyone hate Mel Gibson? I like him.
Do you buy regular DVDs or the ones that have the special features?
If a movie was to be made about your life, who would you wish to direct it?
..If a book was to be based off your life, who would you want to write it?
Are you a fan of Stephen King?
If you could ask George W. Bush one question, what would you ask him?
Does your family have an interesting history?
Are you related to anyone notorious or infamous?
What are your thoughts on World War 2?
Did any of your grandparents fight in it?
On whose side?
Are you proud of that?
Do you let cats sit on your lap?
Do any animals sleep with you?
If you HAD to, would you consider yourself a cat person or a dog person?
Would you ever be an executioner?
Do you support the death penalty?
Do the ends justify the means?
Is it worth it, really?
Don't you just HATE when people keep you on the phone longer than you want?
Why are girls so needy?
Do you think there's a lot of pressure on girls these days?
Do men have it easier?
Or not, because the women take everything out on us? xD
Does anyone use you as a scape goat?
Honestly, are you an easy target?
Have you ever been beaten up?
Attacked with a weapon?
Do people just like to give you a hard time?
Do you still drink juice boxes?
What is your favorite cookie?
..That's only because you haven't tried mine. [x
I come across as cocky, don't I? xD
Do you know any crossdressers?
Does it weird you out?
Do any of your friends have accents?
Do you have any clothes that you made? NOT just altered?
..do you know how to sew?
Does a guy have to be gay to sew, bake and care about his appearance?
Do you have an eating disorder?
What is one question you HATE being asked?
Ever been to a psychologist?
What about a psychiatrist? ..Yes, there's a difference.
Have you ever been in jail?
In an institution?
Do people think you're crazy?
..well, are you?
Is Stevie Wonder really blind, or do you think its a conspiracy?
Do you believe in conspiracy theories?
Are you an X-Files fan?
Is it funny that David Dachovny and Tiger Woods went sex-related rehab? o_0
Are you sick of Tiger Woods?
Are you sick of Twilight?? ]x<
Why do so many people make the news for weeks due to cheating??
Do you think the media is brainwashing the youth? I do.
If you hear or see someone throw up, does it make you want to throw up too?
Whats the most intolerable smell for you?
How would your worst enemy describe your personality?
What about your looks?
Now, how would your best friend describe your personality?
And your looks?
Do you write in print or cursive more?
What color are your eyes?
Are you happy with that?
Why do guys these days wear girl pants?
Do you get along with your parents?
See? That didn't hurt, did it?
Nein? Ich liebe dich. [;