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Author: allwrongx
Created: February 6, 2010
Taken: 125 times
Rated: G

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I don't wanna be anything other than what I've been tryin' to be lately.

Created by allwrongx and taken 125 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever tried to share a hoodie with somebody?
Do you like to take naps during the day?
Would you rather learn about another countries' history or your own?
Do you post surveys in your journal?
Have any idea what a horcruxe is?
Are midnight premieres your idea of a good time?
What movie was your favourite to see in the movie theater?
If given the chance, would you see a show on Broadway?
For the Fourth of July, do you buy those little fireworks for at home?
Preferred cat colour; White or Black?
Is there an actress out there that you absolutely cannot stand?
Do you know how Scooby Snacks bartering works? (:
What is something that you wish they taught in school?
Have you ever claimed to own somebody?
Do you find epic little game wars on instant messangers fun?
Did you know that this song used to be One Tree Hill's theme song?
Are you sure about who sings this song?
Do you drink a certain type of milk all of the time? [1%,2%,skim?]
Do you mess around with the headphones with microphones?
Do you agree that tradition should not be messed with?
Does your Pandora usually play all of the right songs?
Are you cool like?
Do you wear the hood on your hoodie when you're in a bad mood?
Do you enjoy making picture collages?
Favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or character?
Ever watched The Blair Witch Project?
Can one person make or break your day?
What is one thing that your father collects, if anything?
Have a favorite AC/DC song?
Do you enjoy attending school dances/socials?
Do you hide your favourite sweets from your family?
What internet browser do you prefer?
Are people afraid of you when you're angry?
Are you good at selling candy for those fundraiser things?
Have you ever wanted to see a cartoon version of yourself?
Ever been caught making weird faces at yourself in a mirror?
Ever own slippers in the shape of your favorite cartoon character?
Do you have a youtube channel?
Have your teachers told you that you can't state Wikipedia as a source?
Last movie that you sat down to watch with someone?
Chocolate or Strawberry ice cream?
Ever pictured yourself in a 'Lord Of The Flies' moment?
Are you one to go back for seconds often?
Do you know somebody who hates chocolate?
Were you excited to get your permit for your sixteenth birthday? Are you?