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Author: x-lindsey-x
Created: February 4, 2010
Taken: 136 times
Rated: G

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and so i went and let you blow my mind.. ;)

Created by x-lindsey-x and taken 136 times on Bzoink
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hows your life at the moment?
what are you doing?
who was the last person to call you?
is there anyone that you love and hate?
do watch funny tvshows like family guy and south park?
what color are your toenails at the moment?
have you ever had a close friend move away?
what was the last thing you said aloud?
how many friends do you trust fully?
who was the last person to hug you?
have you let someone down recently?
has someone let you down recently?
are you upset about anything at all?
how do you handle jealousy?
what are you looking forward to?
quick lyrics from the last song you heard..
have you ever had a friend choose their bf over you?
when was the last time you took a shower?
who is your favorite female celebrity?
were you nervous on your first day of highschool?
three words to describe your bestfriend:
what is your latest reason to be mad?
who have you talked to on the phone today?
what color shirt do you have on?
are you literally afraid of anyone?
where are all of your friends right now?
what is today?
what color do you have in your room most?
who was the last person to tell you a secret?
make a wish. right now. anything.
do you know who harriett tubman was and what she did?
what kind of mascara do you use?
do you own a pea coat?
which team are you going for in the super bowl?
if you had to live at one of your bestfriend's houses, where would u live?
how are you on this fine day?
who did you last take a picture with?
who was the last person to comfort you?
who was the last person to unsurprisingly disappoint you?
who was the last person to get on your nerves?
who was the last person you saw?
sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare?
are there any stressful situations on your life?
what are your plans for tomorrow?
are you missing anyone at the moment?
if you answer a question wrong in class, does it embaress you?
can you love and hate someone?
what was the last movie you watched fully?
are you currently hung up on anyone?
single ladies or constant relationship people?
how many missed calls do you have on your cell phone?
do your parents annoy you?
what color looks best on you?
are you jealous of anyone?
what's your favorite Lady Gaga song?
Favorite Lady Gaga lyrics?
where was the last place you went?
what was the last thing to make you laugh?
is letting go hard for you?
any last words?