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Author: rayyheartsparamore
Created: February 1, 2010
Taken: 172 times
Rated: G

to be perfectly honest, i have never been more terrified.

Created by rayyheartsparamore and taken 172 times on Bzoink
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has this new year started out differently then you anticipated?
are you really pissed at anyone?
have you lost any best friends recently?
whats your view on friends with benefits?
do you feel screwed over?
are you 100%content in life?
what do you order at starbucks?
why are you wasting your time with this?
what did you get on your last test?
have you heard of the band The Postal Service?
if you could spend the day with anyone tomorrow, who would it be?
have you ever had a long distance friendship bc you moved?
have you ever been to nyc?
the beatles?
what kind of phone do you have?
have you lost all respect for someone lately?
name three things you're feeling:
do you ever go along with something bc it makes the other person happy?
best part of your day:
worst part of your day:
last text:
do you like jack's mannequin?
when was the last time you vomited?
when was the last time you left the town you live in?
do you snowboard?
whats one thing that you want more than anything right now?
would you ever fly across the country to see an old friend?
do you work out with weights?
whats the scariest realization you've had recently?
are you scared to be alone?