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Author: stephquisha889
Created: January 29, 2010
Taken: 1 times
Rated: G

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Created by stephquisha889 and taken 1 times on Bzoink
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Salsa or sour cream?
Salmon or tilapia
crab or lobster
tuna salad or chicken salad
potato salad or pasta salad
deviled eggs or egg salad
wheat bread or white bread
rye or pumpernickel
olives or mushrooms
puerto rican food or thai food
celery or carrots
peas or corn
apples or peaches
diet soda or regular
belgian waffles or eggos
spicy mustard or honey mustard
mashed potato or baked potato
sweet potato or white potato
green bean casserole or green beans
cornbread or white bread stuffing
chorozo or bacon
noodles or fried rice
picnic inside or outside
favorite childhood juicebox
favorite thing to bbq
favorite food with mint
with ricotta cheese
with jam
favorite doughnut
favorite canned food
favorite canned soup
favorite red fruit
favorite orange fruit
favorite yellow fruit
favorite root vegetable
favorite squash
favorite frozen meal
favorite candy bar at the check out of the grocery store
favorite thing to get on halloween
favorite flavor of popcorn
favorite salad dressing
favorite cheese
how do you like your grilled cheese?
favorite burrito
favorite taco
favorite pasta
favorite sushi roll
favorite kind of buffet
favorite kind of apple
green, red or black grapes?
peaches or nectarines
canteloupe or watermelon
watermelon or honeydew
grapes or cherries
onions or pickles
brussels sprouts or bean sprouts
parmesan cheese or red pepper flakes
favorite garlicky thing
favorite salty thing
favorite kind of pretzel
favorite pastry
favorite form of alcohol
favorite family meal
oreos or reeses
goldfish or wheat thins
kudos or twix?
corn pops or honey smacks
frosted mini wheats or frosted flakes
honey comb or honey nut cheerios
glazed or chocolate doughnut
cream based soup or broth based soup
favorite thing to eat when you're sleepy
when you're stressed
before a workout
after a workout
on vacation
at a party
between classes
spicy or sweet sausage
hot dog or corn dog
cotton candy or funnel cake
cheezits or cheese nips
butterfinger or snickers
peanut m&m or peanut butter m&m
slurpee or icee
soup or salad
curly, regular or cris cut fries
favorite citrus fruit
favorite kind of bean
favorite dip
favorite breakfast food
favorite scone
favorite pancake
favorite biscuit
favorite roll
favorite flavor of oatmeal
favorite pie
favorite cheesecake
ritz or saltines
meat sauce or spaghetti sauce
meatballs or shrimp
spaghetti or fettuccine
tomato sauce or cream sauce
white chocolate dipped strawberries or dark chocolate dipped strawberries
chocolate covered pretzels or chocolate covered almonds
almond butter or peanut butter
chunky or smooth
butter and jam on toast or butter, cinnamon, sugar
fish taco or beef taco
fried fish or grilled fish
chocolate milkshake or mint n chip milkshake
corn or flour tortillas
white rice or brown rice
jambalaya or red beans and rice
bean chili or beef chili
green chiles or red chiles
blueberry or plain bagels
strawberry cream cheese or plain cream cheese
vegetable tempura or shrimp tempura
peanut dipping sauce or ginger dipping sauce
ginger tea or green tea
sour gummies or sweet gummies
fruit roll up or fruit by the foot
fruit loops or apple jacks
fiber one or wheaties
raisin bran or special k
carrot cake or cinnamon roll
scallops or salmon
breakfast buffet or dinner buffet
champagne or wine
pineapple or coconut
pina colada or margarita
chips and salsa or chips and guacamole
greek yogurt or plain yogurt
yoplait or dannon
progresso or campbells
kelloggs or post
kraft or sargento
lean cuisine or stouffers
marie calendar's or mimi's cafe
el torito or don jose's
benihana or hole-in-the-wall sushi place
china town or little tokyo
pastrami or salami
swiss or provolone
green or black olives
blueberries or strawberries
raw vegetables or steamed vegetables
grape jelly or strawberry jelly
popcorn or kettle corn
pudding or yogurt
lemon muffins or orange muffins
almond poppyseed or lemon poppyseed
dried cherries or raisins
canned tuna or canned chicken
canned green beans or canned corn
canned peaches or canned pears
peppered or teriyaki beef jerky
bbq or teriyaki
doritos or lays
fritos or tostitos
kit kat or crunch bar
altoids or ice breakers
thick or thin crust
veggie or meat lovers pizza
focaccia or chiabatta
chollah or brioche
ambrosia salad or fruit salad
coffee cake or muffin
latte or cappuccino
ham or turkey
gravy or cranberry sauce
martinelli's or champagne
entenmain's doughnuts or krispy kreme
subway or quiznos
pizza or burgers and fries
rootbeer float or sundae
milk or soymilk
honey or sugar
sugar snap peas or snowpeas
favorite mushroom
favorite frozen veggie
favorite frozen fruit
favorite sorbet
favorite dessert
favorite midmorning snack
favorite midafternoon snack
favorite after dinner snack
favorite food to have on hand
food you have in your car
favorite drive thru
favorite thing to eat at the food court
favorite thing to eat at the coffee shop
at the movies
at home watching a movie