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Author: heartsznstarrsz
Created: January 29, 2010
Taken: 117 times
Rated: PG

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all about me  

all about me

Created by heartsznstarrsz and taken 117 times on Bzoink
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whats your name?
when is your birthday?
how old are you?
what is your nationality?
what is your race?
are you mixed?
if so, with what?
what grade are you in?
if you graduated are you in college?
if so what college do you go to?
how tall are you?
what is your weight?
do you have a bf/gf?
if so what is his/her name?
what is the name of your most past recent ex?
are you a virgin?
if so who was it with?
what is your religion?
do you think your ugly?
if so why?
what is your favorite color?
what is your favorite food?
where were you born?
do you have any pets?
if so what is their name?
have you ever been in an interracial relationship?
if so what race was he and what was his name?
have you ever been in love?
if so what was the name of your 1st love?
do you believe in love at first sight?
are you a video game freak?
are you a freak?
what is one word you describe yourself?
how many friends do you have total?
which do you have more guy or female friends?
who do you live with?
what is your area code?
are you a cheater?
are you a player?
have you ever been sprung over a guy/girl?
what is your favorite genre of music?
what is your favorite types of movies?
what is the age range in which you would date?
do you like older or younger boys/girls?
do you know someone who currently likes you?
if so, what is their name?
what is your major?
Who was the last person.....
you kissed?
you texted?
you called?
who called you?
who said they loved you?
you argued with?
you missed?
slept with?
you fought with?
you hugged?
About your ex
what is his/her name?
how old is he/she?
is he/she ugly?
what is his/her religion?
how long did you last with him/her?
why did you guys break up?
do you still love him/her?
does he/she still love you?
do you want him/her back?
if you had to rate your ex from 1-10 what would it be?
who was the first.....
person you kissed?
person you truely loved?
you thought about having kids with?
Random again
Did you go to prom?
if so what is the name of your date?
where did you go to prom?
was it with a friend or bf/gf?
what year was your prom?
what is the name of your favorite cartoon?
do you drink?
do you smoke?
if so you need to stop its bad
do you have brother/sisters?
if so how many?
what is the name of your mom and dad?
do you live with both parents?
if not which parent lives with you?
did the other parent pay child support?
do you have an accent?
What state is your family from?
what is your nickname?
what is the names others call you?
are you happy this survey is over because im happy im done lol?