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Author: 01189998819991197253
Created: January 22, 2010
Taken: 1 times
Rated: G

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If you had a TV Show

Created by 01189998819991197253 and taken 1 times on Bzoink
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Ok, let's get the baisics down first
What will be the name of your TV show:
What genre of TV show would it be (sitcom, soap, Drama, Sci fi, ect...)
Main Character 1 and who the actor/actress is
Now, what channel would it be first broadcast on?
Who would write the Music?
Where would it be set?
What is the plot throughout all episodes?
OK Episode 1/6
which characters are introduced?
Brifely descripe the plot of this episode
How does it end?
Episode 2
Any more characters introduced
Breifly describe plot
Any Guest Stars?
How does it end
Episode 3
any new characters?
Describe plot
Any Romances?
How does this episode end
Any characters introduced at this late stage?
Describe plot
Any Deaths
Episode 5
Any more characters introduced
Describe plot
Does the episode end as a cliffhanger
If not, how does it end, if so, please describe.
episode 6
Any characters introduced in the final episode of first series
Describe plot
How does the series end
Holiday Special
What holiday what you have the special on?
Any new characters?
Any Hidden Messages/Morals in any of the series
Reccuring Jokes/Themes?
Would you do a second series?
well that's it, I hope this survey at least passed the
time. And maybe you will make this show at some
Point in the future.
Do you have a youtube account?
If so would you record this series and put it on youtube?
thank your for doing this survey=)