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Author: missxtina
Created: January 22, 2010
Taken: 196 times
Rated: G

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You make me delirious ;)

Created by missxtina and taken 196 times on Bzoink
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Let\'s get started.
Did you do something dumb the last time you were drunk?
What\'s your favorite body spray?
If your ex came to your house right now with flowers, what would you do?
favorite store in the mall?
Do you tend to blow up or hide your feelings deep inside?
are you more of a myspace or facebook person?
Do you think Barack Obama has been a good president so far?
What are you currently reading?
Where do you want to travel next?
favorite nail polish color?
Do you curse a lot?
what\'s the last cd you purchased?
would you rather paint, or make a collage?
if you had to listen to one musician all day, who would it be?
write some cool lyrics here.
Have you heard the song TiK ToK?
What was the last movie you watched?
what are you listening to?
What year do you graduate?
Do you prefer to have long or short hair?
What is your favorite type of alcohol?
When people piss you off, do you let them know or just play it off?
straight of curly hair?
What pisses you off most about people?
what's your favorite fruit?
what are your plans for Valentine's day?
team jacob, team edward, or team i dont give a fuck? :)
what kind of phone do you have?
if you could color the sky any color what would it be?
Do you prefer soft music of shit you can dance to?
what do you usually get at starbucks?
Your given a million dollars, what do you do first?
If someone wanted to buy you a new car, what would it be?
if you work, where do you work?
Do you sometimes wish you could rewind time?
Do u think the person you were 5yrs ago would like the person youve become?
Do you like to follow trends, or do you like to have your own trends?
What do you think is the most overplayed song on the radio right now?
if you could skip to any age, what age would you want to be right now?
What song reminds you of your ex?
What was the last thing you spent a lot of money on?
Do you believe in long distance relationships?
Are you going to vote in the next election?
If you could change one thing right now, what would it be?
pink or purple?
do you think its attractive when boys wear tight skinny jeans?
whats your favorite flavor of gum?
If you could ask a psychic anything, what would it be?
Do you believe in tough love?
what tv show do you hate right now?
Do you like to drive?
if you could move anywhere, where would it be?
whats your favorite thing to buy?
whats your favorite animal print?
flip flops or flats?
What's the thing that scares you most?
Do you believe in young love?
What's one thing you wish you had more of?
success! save your results, please :))