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Author: 3llen
Created: January 19, 2010
Taken: 387 times
Rated: G

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the cell phone survey.

Created by 3llen and taken 387 times on Bzoink
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- the basics -
what kind of phone do you have?
what color is it?
do you like it?
who is your service provider?
how long have you had it?
when can you get a new one?
did you buy it online?
have you had to replace it?
on average, how much is your bill?
do your parents pay for your bill?
do you have unlimited texting?
do you use a cover/case to protect it?
do your teachers ever take it away?
do your parents ever take it away?
three things you love about your phone?
three things you hate about your phone?
how often do you charge it?
have you ever dropped it?
have you ever lost it?
is it within your reach right now?
- your contacts -
how many contacts do you have?
how many of them do you text regularly?
how many of them do you call regularly?
who's listed under the letter A?
who's listed under the letter M?
who's listed under the letter R?
which contact was entered most recently?
do you have yourself in your contacts?
how about a restaurant?
is anyone listed under a fake name?
- your calls -
would you rather call or text someone?
who was your last missed call?
who was your last rejected call?
who did you last talk to?
have you ever gotten prank called?
have you ever drunk dialed someone?
when was the last time you made a call?
what did you have to make that call?
do you talk on your cell phone a lot?
have you ever gone over your minutes?
- your texts -
who was your MOST RECENT text from?
what did it say?
when was it received?
who was your TENTH text from?
what did it say?
when was it received?
who was your OLDEST text from?
what did it say?
when was it received?
how many messages are in your inbox?
do you text pretty much all the time?
who do you text the most?
is this person your best friend?
can your parents text?
have you ever sexted?
do you get picture messages?
do you forward chain messages?
do you use smileys when texting :)?
does your phone have a keyboard?
if not, do you use T9 or ABC?