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Author: blp94
Created: January 18, 2010
Taken: 158 times
Rated: G

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aaaaa True or False & this and that&& random questions survey

Created by blp94 and taken 158 times on Bzoink
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True Or False
You are a virgin:
You are tired:
..in love:
..watching tv:
.. listening to music:
..like to color:
..watch operation repo:
..love the color pink:
..love the color orange:
you're a girl:
you wear some jewlery everyday:
you have pierced ears:
..have your nose pierced:
..have your tongue pierced:
..have your belly button pierced:
..have your eyebrow pierced:
.. have any other part of your body pieced:
^^if so what partt?
What shall we call you?
How many years young are you?
Which town do you live in?
And where is that?
What color is your tooth brush?
What kinda car do you drive?
Do you go to mc donalds?
Are you a Yankees fan?
Do you even watch baseball?
Can you sew?
Do you shop at walmart?
Have you ever been in a fist fight?
Did you win?
Are/were you a cheerleader?
If i say "tyfgvuhbjin" do you know what I mean?
Is your house big?
Do you have athsma?
Do you run alot?
Do you play soccer?
Do you know a fire fighter?
.. police officer?
Can you do a split?
Do you give good massages?
How many texts do you go threw in a day?
...In a month?
Do you pay for your texts?
Are you bi polar?
Are you fun to be around?
Thong or panties?
Laptop or desktop?
Boxers or briefs?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
Penguins or Horses?
Curly or straight hair?
Wheat thins or Mc Donalds?
ó╝More Questionsó╝
Do you like doritos?
Do You wear uggs?
Do eat alot?
Can you cook?
Can you bake a cake?
Do you like Gummy Bears?
...gummy worms?
...mr. good bars?
Do you shower daily?
Do you have ice cream in your house?
...wheat thins?
...gummy bears?
...gummy worms?
Do you like talkin to people?
D0 y0U tAlK L!k3 Th!s?
Isn' t that annoying?
Do you watch the TV show cops?
...american idol?
...hells kitchen?
Do you make surveys?
Do you like sparkles?
..Christmas time?
...Special K cereal?