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Author: misssunshine
Created: January 14, 2010
Taken: 20 times
Rated: PG

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They say whats yours is mine when your with someone.. so his best friend should be yours too..

Created by misssunshine and taken 20 times on Bzoink
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The Basics
Whats Your Boyfriends Bff's Name?
How old is this fella?
What day does he blow out the candles?
Where was his mama when he came into this world?
What town is the place he lays his head at night, when hes in his own bed?
Does this fella have any sibling rivarly? (Does he have any Sibs?)
Does he write all those Best Friend Poems with his Right or Left Hand?
Where does he get his Edu-Macation at?
... The Outside Appearance ...
What does the measuring tape say when he leaves the gas station? (how tall)
..And the scale reads..? (How much does he weigh?)
What do you see in the depth of his eyes? (what color eyes does he have?)
How long are the folicles on his Head? (How long is his hair?)
Does the color come in a box? (Is his hair natural?)
What color is the \\
Has he ever let a guy (or girl) draw pictures on him? (tattoo\\\'s?)
Does he have any \\
What do people talk about when your walking around with him (best features)
Does your Boyfriend.. pick attractive guy friends to hang out with? (Jw?)
Have you ever.. with your boyfriends BFF?
Tried to get \\
Lit up a fat one with him? (Do drugs?)
asked for his lighter? (smoked a ciggarette with him?)
Done the Breast Stroke by/around him? (go Swimming?)
exchanged some harsh words with him ( Got an argument?)
had to pull in the line with him? ( Gone Fishing )
pitched a tent with him....(camping?)
kidnapped him? (Took him somewhere?)
Is this Fella..
not afraid to relax? (LaidBack?)
Quiet.. cool.. & Collective? (Calm?)
a goody-two shoes? (Responsible & Honest?)
a kind hearted guy? ( Nice?)
a sweet heart?
The Last But Not Least's
Is he one of your best/good frieinds now?
Do you get to see him alot?
has he done anything for you?
Do you like hanging out with him?
When will you see him next?
What are you guys going to be doing with each other when you hang out next?
Does he like you?
Does he trust you?
Do you have any pictures with him?
Do you trust him?
Is MissSunShine a good Survey maker?