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Author: laurenpwns
Created: January 12, 2010
Taken: 251 times
Rated: G

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hold up, wait a minute. put a little love in it.

Created by laurenpwns and taken 251 times on Bzoink
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Do you have any bruises on your body?
When was the last time you went out of town?
What is the temperature currently in the town you live in?
Do you ever actually drink milk alone?
Have you ever filmed yourself playing in snow?
Is your house more than two stories tall?
Do you like pizza? If so, what's your favorite topping?
Did you learn anything new today?
What is your absolute favorite pick-up line?
How many people (estimate) would you say truly hate your guts?
Are you more optomistic or pessimistic?
Do you believe abortion is muder or mother's choice?
Have you ever had a neon color in your hair?
Do you know where your significant other is at right now?
Has someone ever proposed to you before?
Have you ever travelled out of the country you live in?
What is your favorite amusement park?
What are your top three favorite holidays?
If you dont have one already, would you consider getting an iPhone?
When did you last kiss someone anywhere other than on the lips?
Does anyone come and visit you daily?
Are your friends allowed to come over any time they want?
What year were you born in?
Have you ever hit your significant other? Has he/she ever hit you?
Would you rather be a photographer or author?
Has anyone called you a slut in the past 30 days?
Does anything hurt on your body right now?
Would you ever consider getting a job at a factory?
What kind of car do you drive at this moment in time?
Can you tell your parents anything?
Do you like indie music? If so, who's your favorite indie band?
Is there anyone you'd like to kiss so badly right now?
Do you have a celebrity crush?
When was the last time you cussed someone out?
Do you know of any restaraunts around you that has roaches?
Do you puke easily?
What is the color of the walls in the room you're in?
Do you ever feel like you're having a repetitive day?
What are the last three letters of your middle name?
Do you know anyone who doesn't have a middle name?
Have you ever tried to kill yourself?
When did you last scream because you got scared?
Do you ever think your dreams actually happened?
What is the last movie you watched in theaters?
Can you normally work out elaborate math problems?