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Author: blargness14
Created: January 11, 2010
Taken: 18 times
Rated: G

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sugar, oh honey honey you are my candy girl =DD

Created by blargness14 and taken 18 times on Bzoink
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soooo lets talk about YOU!!!!!!!
go ahead and tell me your name
kay. what about ur age
are you a dude or a dudette
wats ur hair color biotch
kayyyyy wat about those gorgeous eyes...wat color are they
watsss ur race...its okay if ur an alien! we'll keep your secret.
are you singlleeeeee or takkkennnn
by who???
do YOU have turtle eyes??????
okay now answer that question.
baby or you down,down,down,down,down or are you JUST down[[singular version
would you ever lick lick lick Lil Wayne like a lollipop
how bout that snow??
do u lay down and roll around in it untill u cant feel ur legs
or are you just CHICKENNNNN
its okay if u are dear,,,not everybody can make extreme snow angels
this is probably the MOST IMPORTANT question of your entire LIFE
do you like dr.pepper or DONT YOU??????????
now. flop onto the floor and flonder around like a fish!
hahaha get it???? flounder. fish. flounder is a type of fish....its fuuunny
come ON people get a sense of humor pllleeeeeaaaaseee
do you ever jump around in the rain....
and sing that stupid song thats been stuck in ur head forever
do you fall till the floor and laugh till ur dying
or cry till no tears are left
do you slam doors and throw hair dryers across the room when you get angry
if yes...have you ever considered getting some help?
i know a GREAT terapist. please give her a call.
do u get so lost in a book ....
that ur totally oblivious to all things that surround you
have you ever laughed so hard that u peed ur pants in front of a friend
only to find out they did the same thing too
have you found ur life's calling
or are you still looking
do u get so lost in ur big problem that u just dont care anymor
or are you totally and completely happy with ur life
do you have absoutely amazing friend who love you for being you
or do you walk alone
do you agree that we all have problems but can fix them IF we try
have u evr been so head over heels that they were all u thought about
do u love wth all ur heart
or only go half way
is there really more to life than what we see thru our eyes
lets go into the depths of life and just TALK
do you believe in magic??
are you walking on sunshine
its never easy to walk away from the person u are in love with
do u ever miss someone from a past relationship
even if they treated u wrong andare not good for you
do you ever get that horrible ache in ur heart from missing them
or hoping they wll still be there only to discover they are long gone
or just watching them walk away
is it REALLY better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all
Now tell three TRUTHS that u have hidden from the world. just let them go.
Truth number one:
Truth number two:
Truth number three:
live ur life w/out regrets.love the important ppl and never let them go.