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Author: catthebeatnik
Created: January 9, 2010
Taken: 101 times
Rated: G

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Just Another Survey for Another Day

Created by catthebeatnik and taken 101 times on Bzoink
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What is your name?
Where do you live?
Are you living in the same city you were born in?
What kind of accent do you have?
How old are you?
How old do you feel and/or act?
What is your favourite band or artist at the present time?
Is there a television in your room?
What book are you reading right now?
Do you have pets? If so, what kind?
Do you like sleeping or consider it a waste of time?
Would you say you are intelligent?
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Do you believe in god(s)?
Have you ever considered suicide?
Are you cold?
Do you type fast?
What time is it?
Are you satisfied with the way your life is going?
Could you last in a relationship for four years if it started today?
Do you think this year will be better than last?
What was the biggest mistake you ever made?
Do you want kids? Why or why not?
Do you like working out?
Are you a virgin?
Do you own any hats? If so, what kind?
What are you wearing right now?
Can you count to twenty in another language?
Where are your ancestors from?
Describe how you feel in four words.
Do you still think of your ex(es)?
What classes are you taking right now?
Did you/will you go to prom?
Would you say you are more normal or more offbeat?
Do you like cake?
Did you/do you watch Pokemon?
Do people often spell or pronounce your name incorrectly?
If you could transport one person to you right now, who would it be?
Would you ever work at Hooters?
Would you last in a long distance relationship?
Have you ever really, truly been in love?
Would you dye your hair the complete opposite shade of your natural colour?
Do you go on diets?
Do you ever listen to music in another language?
Any last words?