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Author: 3llen
Created: January 8, 2010
Taken: 356 times
Rated: G

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a list of the things in your room.

Created by 3llen and taken 356 times on Bzoink
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answer with yes/no.
a television?
a dvd player?
a twin-sized bed?
a queen-sized bed?
a lava lamp?
clothes on the floor?
clothes that don't fit anymore?
some condoms?
some extra cash?
dirty dishes?
school books?
old shoes?
brand new shoes?
pictures of friends?
pictures of family?
a guitar?
another instrument?
mysteries under your bed?
mysteries in your closet?
a dresser?
a nightstand?
a huge mirror?
a gamesystem?
empty soda cans?
a fishtank?
a stuffed animal?
a real animal?
a computer?
skin products?
hair products?
more than two pillows?
a backpack?
something embarrassing?
a desk?
unfinished schoolwork?
an alarm clock?
a window?
two windows?
more than two windows?
a door that leads to a bathroom?
notes from an ex?
a journal?
something broken?
something zebra-striped?
something you'll never throw away?
a pair of sandals?
a bathing suit that was recently used?
a scarf that was recently used?
a pair of shoes that you might never wear?
a shirt that you might never wear?
a movie?
a movie that you need to return to someone?
an item of clothing that doesn't belong to you?
socks that are definitely not yours?
empty water bottles?
your phone charger?
a calendar?
something from a current boy/girlfriend?
something from an ex-boy/girlfriend?
something from a grandparent?
a towel?
empty hangers?
an ipod?
an ihome?
a laptop?
a magic 8 ball?
a rubik's cube?
a ceiling fan?
a camera?
a collection of something?
a telephone?
an old cellphone?
a cd player?
a record player?
wood floors?
a chair?
a laundry basket?
a snowboard?
a skateboard?
other sportsgear?
hidden alcohol?
hidden drugs?
a trashcan?
dressy clothes?
an unmade bed?
a chair with wheels?
something moldy?
a lamp?
good memories? :)