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Author: 3llen
Created: January 3, 2010
Taken: 494 times
Rated: G

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the end of the year checklist.

Created by 3llen and taken 494 times on Bzoink
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make new friends?
get rid of old friends?
make a huge mistake?
get new shoes?
donate to a charity?
loose weight?
gain weight?
make a cake?
go to a birthday party?
visit your grandparents?
attend a funeral?
make cookies?
send a letter?
eat something rotten?
mow the lawn?
make a lot of money?
kiss someone?
date someone?
get a car?
ride a train?
travel to another country?
fail a class?
fail a test?
go to a great concert?
get a new piercing?
get a new tattoo?
cry because you missed someone?
cry because you were physically hurt?
dye your hair?
yell at a parent?
attend a house party?
get drunk?
sew something?
get an ipod?
get a laptop?
laugh til you cried?
get a bad grade on a paper?
date one person all year?
date 3+ people?
date 5+ people?
date 10+ people?
get a new pet?
eat lasagna?
drink hot chocolate?
eat at mcdonalds?
order from pizza hut?
stay up til sunrise?
meet someone that changed your life?
cheat on a boy/girlfriend?
lose something really important?
pretend to be happy?
try something and liked it?
go on vacation?
do something fun for your birthday?
fill out any important forms?
loose a pet?
loose a best friend over something silly?
make fun of someone?
develop a crush on someone much older?
go to the movies a lot?
attend a football game?
cry yourself to sleep?
play an entire game of monopoly?
embarrass yourself in public?
fall in love?
get a gift you will keep forever?
meet someone you will never forget?
kiss in the rain?
make a snowman?
have a snowball fight?
have plans for valentine's day?
get pregnant?
run a mile?
spend more money than you should have?
lost faith in someone?
break a promise?
break something expensive?
break a heart?
make a new years resolution?
keep that resolution?
even remember that resolution?
figure out who your real friends are?
have to give something up?
get in a car accident?
know someone who died?
go to the beach with your best friend?
throw up?
cry over a boy/girl?
cook a great meal?
pretend to be sick?
have the flu?
have swine flu?
break a bone?
talk behind someones back?
rearrange your room?
move into a new house?
go fishing?
apologize for seriously screwing up?
have the most fun you have ever had?