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Author: desuhraay
Created: January 3, 2010
Taken: 74 times
Rated: G

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you should have killed me when you had the chance; random questions

Created by desuhraay and taken 74 times on Bzoink
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hey, whats going on?
are you on any sites other then bzoink?
whats your favorite band?
favorite song?^
do you join to many groups/become a fan of to many things on facebook?
who do you fangirl/fanboy over?
if you had to get a tattoo, where and what?
is it cold where you live?
do you stay up late for no reason?
are you a packrat?
whats your favorite clothing line?
do you actually care about the your/you're difference?
do you like city transit?
city vs country?
what are some weird facts about you?
do you like vitamin water?
what do you like to do in your spare time?
allergic to anything?
some basics
dream hair?
favorite animals?
favorite movie?
favorite website?
do you watch any reality tv?
do you know the difference between canadian and american spelling?
ever been out of your home country/state/province?
if you could go ANYWHERE, where'd you go?
whats your favorite brand?
do you like youtube?
who's your favorite youtube star?
can you speak francais?
whats a name you absolutely hate?
whats a name you adore?
if you could get rid of anything in the world, what would that be?
whats the last illegal thing you did?
do you drink?
do you smoke?
do you do drugs?
^ if so, what have you done?
are you a mommys or daddys or both girl/boy?
do you have anything against homosexuals?
have you ever snuck into the movies?
if so, what did you go see?
whats the last movie you watched?
what are your top 3 most used sites?
what are some of your pet peeves?
do you like screamo music,or can you not understand a word thats being said
whats the longest you've ever been awake for?
say something you need to get off your chest:
are you thinking about going to bed? or you just waking up?
what time is it?
excited for tomorrow?