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Author: melissa526
Created: January 2, 2010
Taken: 154 times
Rated: G

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i wont apologize for who i am<3

Created by melissa526 and taken 154 times on Bzoink
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have you ever had a crush on someone it felt like you were in love?
how many times has your heart been broken?
what time is it?
do you enjoy your life?
whoaa, its almost 4 am, you sleepy?
do you like sour patch candy?
do you shop at wal-mart, only?
do you listen to the radio?
do you listen to miley cyrus?
do you just love your sunglasses?
have you ever smiled when you were down?
okay, pick one, truth or dare?
justin bieber is what to you?
are you ready to have a boyfriend, if you are single of course?
why did you lie the last time you did?
do you think america's funniest videos are funny?
do you live in the south?
have you been to alabama?
what about california?
do you like coca-cola?
why are you taking this?
are you smiling at the moment?
whats wrong with you at the moment?
can you last a whole week without tv?
do you like pizza?
flowers are amazing, right?
your favorite color is what?
do you type fast?
do you like to take things slowly?
go take another of my survey, okay? :)
do you like school?
you a christian?
what grade are you in?
do you make good grades?
you have a cellphone?
i know where you live, did you know that?
i'm kiddin' ;) i think you knew that. right?
you like sour candy?
kit-kat is good, right?
can you last a whole week with NO MUSIC?
have you seen avatar? its good.
twilight saga is awesome! dont ya think?
i'm running out of questions.....
okay, well have a good day, okay?
be safe......:) byeee.